On/off switch for exhaust fan

I’ve just installed 12’ exhaust fan to my garage.
Here is a product link.

Currently I use the old school controller.

This combination is working well, but want to have more control.
Is there any z-wave on/off switch which can handle this 12’ exhaust fan ?

What do I have to consider ?
By spec, it is 0.60 amps fan. Is regular z-wave on/off switch going to work ?

The specs on the fan and switch are nothing special. A standard Zwave on/off switch should work. The only variable with switching motors is the initial load to start the fan and if the switch can handle. But again this fan is not that big. I say it’s worth a try.

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Make sure you use something with a relay (audible click) rated for the power draw and I think you would be fine. GE or Leviton make them.

Actually I prefer the relay type, not the conventional lighting switch.
Can you share the product you are refering ?

How about https://www.amazon.com/GoControl-Z-Wave-Isolated-Contact-Fixture/dp/B00ER6MH22 ?
Is it going to work ? This is what I’m currently using for Garage door open/close

I am just using the Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ. It will support up to 600-Watts.

It could work yes but if it were me I would want the ability to turn on manually via paddle switch.

I have the 10" version of this iLiving fan in my garage and it’s a great fan. Very quiet, great cfm, and uses only about 75W. I wired in standard power supply cord for use on a local garage outlet and used a Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 which is rated at 15A.

I set up a simple webCore rule to turn the fan on when the garage temperature exceeds the outside local area temperature. It’s been working well and I never need to touch it or think about it.