HS-WS100+ double tap control fan that doesn't have a switch

Hello all,

I have a HomeSeer HS-WS100+ switch in my kitchen. I do not currently use the double or triple tap functions. In the next room, my kids playroom, I have a ceiling fan that does not have a dedicated wall switch. The fan has 2 pull cords, one each for the fan and the light.

As of right now, the only way to turn the fan on is to use the pull cords. I want to change that, if I can. Does anyone know of a module or setup out there that would let me use my HS-WS100+ switch’s double/triple tap feature to control my fan/light?

I know fans can get tricky because of the high/med/slow speeds. Honestly, I would be very happy to just get the light function via the smart switch because I use that daily (I don’t use the fan often).

I saw this Enerwave module that I thought may work???

Can I wire this up in the fan’s motor housing? Would that talk to the double/triple tap?

Any and all help would be amazing! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the incredibly helpful info!

Oh, I forgot to mention.

The fan uses LED lights. My first thought was that I could use a few philips smart light bulbs but found out the fan uses LED lights, so…ya, there’s that.