Which on/off z-wave switch can handle ceiling fans?

Looking for a switch that can handle on/off for ceiling fans (I don’t care about speed control just on/off) and bathroom exhaust fans. Haven’t had any issues with inovelli, but they’re no longer in stock.

Most bathroom exhaust fans are not variable speed, they are just on/off, so Most on/off switches can handle those, just check the specs.

I know theoretically you should be able to do the same thing with the variable speed ceiling fans, but it’s the equivalent of throwing the breaker on and off every time. I just worry about potentially damaging the fan motor. So personally I only use fan control switches for those.

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The GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switch should handle this requirement, as it uses a relay internally to switch the load on and off. This is usually the safest solution, as dimmers can actually be problematic with inductive loads, like the fan motors. Switches that use a relay are acting exactly the same as a traditional dumb switch.

Simple Z-Wave Plus Switch

or you can use their FAN Switch if you want to control the ceiling fan speeds


Thanks. I saw those, but wasn’t sure since they also had one just for fans. I only need on/off so these should work.

I believe these Honeywell switches are identical to the GE switches. Both are made by Jasco. You can save a few bucks buying the Honeywell switches.

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The price difference between the Fan Controllers and the Switches are small. I would get them for the ceiling fans even if not concerned about speed…

As already stated exhaust fans are typically only one speed so a regular switch should work.

Also, get the Plus versions as they have additional functions that will give you additional buttons when tapping up or down multiple times.

If Switch is double tapped up
Iron is off
Then turn on light and iron

If Switch is double tapped up
Iron is on
Then with Echo play flash briefing

If Switch is double tapped down
All of “these” devices are off
Then turn on TV, AVR and FireTV

If Switch is double tapped down
Any of “these” devices are on
Then turn off everything

That’s totally separate than just turning on/off the fan!


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The title for those says “speed only”. To me that means they only control the speed and don’t have an on/off option. Am I wrong there ?

They will control 3-speeds and on/off too. I have two of them.


Ah ok. Is there any rewiring required or anything due to the speed control? Or does it wire up like an on/off switch?

It wires up like a normal Smart Switch. Neutral, Line, Load, and Ground. You would typically leave the fan’s pull chain on full speed, and use the Z-Wave Fan Switch to cycle through the three speeds and Off.


We generally don’t recommend using our switches with any types of fans because inductive loads ten to draw much more power at start-up and spikes in current can damage the electronics in the switches. We’ve seen all brands malfunction after a while when used with a fan. Not always, but there’s a good chance the switches will fail over time. Many reviewers on Amazon mention their GE switches failed after a couple of years, a good part of them used their switches with fans. Based on our experience servicing Z-Wave devices over the years, most plugs and light switches are at risk of malfunctioning when used with inductive loads. So we’d suggest getting a dedicated fan switch that’s designed to control a motor.


It wires like a standard switch with line, load, common and ground wires.

BTW, I think the reason the switch is labeled as controlling ‘speed only’ is because they’re talking about controlling the fan motor as opposed to the fan’s lights (if any).


For my bathroom fan i use HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus On/Off Wall Switch, Gen5 HS-WS100+
Support multi tap and HOLD. You can also use HS-WS200+

for my ceeling fan : Aeon Labs Aeotec Dual Nano Switch with Energy Monitoring ZW132 Z-Wave Plus Modèle: XBAFT132
i’ve installed it inside the fan, it have 2 output so i can control the light and the fan independently

Thanks for that suggestion. Bought 12 and just install the first two. They feel so much better than the cheaper brands. Hoping the 3way wiring goes smooth.

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Has anyone else had issues with these switches getting hot? I have 3 switches, they seem to get the hottest when running the fan a “Medium” speed (Pull chain on fastest speed, switch set to medium).

One of mine seems to run pretty cool… in a room with ambient temperature of ~80 degrees the fan switch gets up to about 89 degrees (Measured on the right side of the switch with an IR thermometer).

Another switch in a room with ambient temperature of about 83 degrees when left with the fan running can get up to a little over 100 degrees… (this is with the switch hanging out of the box)… I have a metal faceplate on it normally and the faceplate feels warm to the touch with the switch behind it.

It’s not a bad switch… If I swap the two switches between the room then the switch that was previously getting hot now runs cool in its new home in the other room and the other one runs hot.

I had an electrician out who looked at all of the connections in the switch box and verified they were good/re-did them… also looked at the connections on the fan. (The fan is brand new and runs about .35 amp… which is about what the fan in the other room pulls also).

Curious if anyone else knew about what temperature their GE fan switches ran or if anyone had any ideas of things to check

There are 3 different switches discussed in this thread. Which make and model are you using?

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Oops, talking about the newest model GE Smart Fan Control Sku 14287

I have two of these 14287’s running two identical Casablanca 5-blade fans. Pull chain on both is set to high like yours. I did not use my IR thermometer but I haven’t noticed that either of them get hot - or even warm to the touch.