Kichler 15DC300

Has anyone integrated one of these things into a Smartthings network? I want to try and keep all of my automation to a single app.

The 15DC300 is a 300w transformer for controlling zones of 12v LED landscape lighting. It is it’s own controller with Z-wave capability, meaning that other Kichler controllers and Z-wave devices (remotes, motion detectors) can be added to it. Kichler is pushing Vera and telling me it won’t work with Smartthings at all. I was wondering if anybody has tried it. One guy on gave a review that said ‘works great with Smartthings’ but didn’t elaborate.

Thanks for any help.

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I bought the controller. I have been waiting for someone way smarter than me to do same and code for this. Kichler helped me change the Controller to just another device and I was able to add it to ST. I used the Parent-Child device handler and I have some control but missing scenes and other controls. I have been educating myself on coding but new to all of this.

Hi, I just set up my yard using the 15DC200 and was hoping to have more control via Smartthings as well. Has anyone made any progress? I read one review on Amazon where someone was mentioning they could control zones via smartthings, but all I can see is a simple on/off for the whole system.

In regards to Kichler helping with the controller, do you mean the transformer itself? or the optional remote control you can get for the system? How is the process either way?

by the way, I found this which may be of some use -