Kichler Closeout Sale

Found some z-wave stuff on sale

Kichler 12387WH Z-Wave 3 inch White Cabinet Accessory
Kichler 12387BK Z-Wave 3 inch Black Cabinet Accessory
Kichler 12389ALM Z-Wave 2 inch Almond Cabinet Accessory (looks like a regular Decora Style Switch)

Do these work with SmartThings?

Any Z-wave device " will work" it may take some tinkering to get device type handler working properly

is just an accessory that changes the color of their white Z-Wave Wall Dimmer 12388WH

I was just looking, and the other 2 $16 devices are controllers for their 24V LED lights, have their connection.

Yeah, looks like an inline dimmer specifically for their LED modules.