Adding a Second Controller?

I just picked up a Kichler Design Pro LED controller for my landscape lighting. It has a built in z-wave controller. I was wondering if I can add it to smartthings as a subservient controller. I am only looking to get basic on/off features via smartthings.

I looked in the smartthings app, but it looks like I can only add the smartthings hub to other networks, not third party hubs into smartthings network. Is this something that can be done?

I don’t know of anyone that has integrated the two. If its a zwave controller is it controlling zwave devices? You may be able to pair the devices directly to st.

Yeah I saw that, didn’t really answer anything for me. The Kichler is it’s own controller and you can add other z-wave devices too it. You can also add additional kichler controllers if you have a large piece of property with multiple lighting zones and want to connect them via z-wave. The question is can I connect it ST as a secondary controller with ST being the primary. I know its been done with other hubs (staples, vera), but most people add ST as a secondary controller.

Maybe try contacting Kichler? It was suggested by a contractor that it was not recommended to use the Kichler Design Pro LED as a simple Off / On switch (lose memory or something over time). We’ve scaled down on our lighting in the backyard and will be purchasing a smaller / cheaper controller connected to the GE zwave outdoor plug.