Keeping multiple physical switches (GE Zwave) in sync

Hi all!

I have multiple GE Zwave wall switches on different exterior lights in my house (e.g. gargage, bedroom, deck, walkway, etc). When someone turns on any of those switches, I want all lights to turn on. And the opposite when turning any one switch off. No matter what I try, I get cycling… assuming because as any one switch is on, the other 5 are off… and trying to turn the first off again before all switches are on. I’ve tried automations, virtual switches, SmartLighting app… please help!!

You should be able to use the official smart lighting feature to have the switches “mirror” each other. Have you tried that? You’ll have to set up multiple automations to get all of the switches working together (One automation for each trigger switch), but it should work.


JDRoberts - I had not tried that combination yet, and it worked!! Thank you!

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Unfortunately I may have celebrated too soon. It seemed to be working, but I still generated a cycling event the other night. I haven’t been able to replicate it yet (rental unit and unfortunately renter reported the issue), but wondering if it may have something to do with conflicts between the SmartLighting and standard Scenes and Automations…???

Here is my setup:

  • 6 Mirror automations in SmartLighting App… 1 for each light switch, each mirroring itself to the 5 remaining light switches.
  • 2 standard Scenes… Lights On and Lights Off… each turning all 6 lights on/off respectively.
  • 2 standard Automations… 630p Lights On, which runs Scene: Lights On; 930p Lights Off, which runs Scene: Lights Off.

Any ideas?

Thank you!