Keep the light display OFF when AC turns ON?


I set an automation for my Samsung AC (turn ON when temperature is 24°+ during night).
My problem is : each time the AC turns ON, the light display turns ON too…
Even if I turn off the light display manually in the menu, it keeps getting back ON when the AC reactivates (with automation or if i turn ON manually).

Does anyone know how to keep it OFF, please ? It’s very annoying !
Especially at night because it wakes me up.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Edit : I corrected my post because i made a mistake in OP => the light doesn’t stays OFF in manual mode.
Turning the light OFF only applies while the AC is turned ON. But once the AC goes OFF, the light will be back ON on next start (via automation or manual mode).

Hi, @Shugojin. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

I saw some users were sending this API command to control the light, but I don’t know if it still works or not:

If it does, you could create a Rule in the Rules API to turn the AC on based on your condition and turn the display off as well.

First, to verify the command still works, you need to copy that command and make a REST request to your device using the SmartThings API. For example, this would be the command using cURL:

Here you can get your Personal Access Token > Samsung account

Please, let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @Shugojin, currently I’m still using this but if you change something on your AC (ex. change temperature) the light will turn on again.

Now I got some devices with new version and it has been fixed (the light still on the latest status) but only on those new devices.



Thank you very much for all these detailed informations.
Unfortunately, i have some notions of coding when i learned a little 20 years ago but that’s it ^^’

Could you tell me where do i have to put the cURL exemple you gave to me, please ?
Is there an app to manage all of this ?
Do i have to let a computer running 24/7 to execute this, then ? Or once the cURL is done, it’s forever ?

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

This is a one-time-only execution, because the URL I provided is a device command, not an automation, so, once you send it, it will only work one-time.

  1. For the request, you can use a program that helps you send them. You can install Postman
  2. First, you need to create a Personal Access Token, preferably selecting all the scopes (Samsung account)
  3. Start a new request by typing GET, in the URL use to list all the devices in your account
  4. Take the Personal Access Token and set it up in Postman. In the Tab “Authorization” select “Bearer Token” as Auth Type and paste the token in the box instead of xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx:
  5. Send the request.
    a. Find your device and copy the value shown in the property “deviceId” - save it for later.
  6. Change the URL to send a command to the device:

----> Replace “deviceId” with the value you copy in the previous step
8. In the tab “Body”, paste the JSON shared by @JRFabbi and hit “send”

See if the display’s light changes status, according to the post “off is display on, on is display off”, so, that command should turn it off.

Just a reminder, this first actions is to see if the command works on your device, then we’ll see about creating a Rule.


Thank you so much <3
I try this tomorrow morning !

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So i just tried your guide and it worked !
But, it only works IF the AC is already ON. It’s not permanently but maybe is this normal ?
If there is a command to disable light forever, i could take it instead of creating a complex automation just for the light :wink:

Not that I’m aware of, if you turn the display off but whenever the device receives a new command it turns on, then, it is an action from the device itself and @JRFabbi mentioned seeing that same behavior.