SmartThings with Samsung AC stop working

I have strange problem from last 2 days.

Everything working perfectly and good for more then few months when I put automation.

I sucessfully connect AC to Smartthings, and put automation when temp is more then 28 then turn on Samsung AC and when is below 24 turn off.

Before 2 days that automation stopped to working, I think its because we had some power lose in house, problem is now because first automation don’t works anymore , second in application I see AC but when I click power on and off on tile (shortcut icon) this don’t works too, but when I open AC in Smartthings on screen where is temperature there I can control and turn off and on AC.

So, AC can be controled by Smartthings only when I open AC page in Smartthings, but in app favorites can’t turn off and on, automations don’t works too, on TV Smartthings app I can’t control AC too.

So there is somewhere problem in conection in this shortcut icon.

I tried everything, restart mobile phone, restart router, restart smartthgins hub, power off and power on AC, turn off AC from power and back on, I even try to remove device from Smartthings app ,and hold TIMER button to get AP and again connect to Smartthings application it sucesfully paired and registered to samsung account but still same problems , shortcut ON OFF don’t works and automations only for AC don’t works , every other automation in house what I have is working.


@garrett.kranz, @SamsungZell - would you mind to have a look on this issue. It is most likely something has scrambled in the cloud and need some intervention.

One thing to keep in mind for Automations of this type, is that the temperature must first be below 28 and then rise above 28.

This can get further complicated by running the Temperature in combination with a Time period or other condition(s) as well. The inverse would be true for the Automation to turn it off (Temp must be greater than 24 and then temp is less than 24 to turn off).

If you have a screenshot of the Automations, that’s helpful for context, otherwise check the Event History for the device to make sure what I said above is actually true.

Hope this helps, if not I’d recommend contacting support for further assistance.