Keep Me Cozy II Issues

I am having issues getting the Keep Me Cozy II smartapp to control my thermostat using a remote temp sensor. While in heat mode, the temperature climbs 4-5 degrees above the setpoint. At that point I get too hot and remove the smartapp.

Hardware: (2) CT-100 Thermostats (only controlling one with the app, I think); SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor, New V2 Samsung Hub, Using an Iphone 6 to set it up.

I am not an advanced user, but have had a V1 hub for over a year. My first question is am I setting the smartapp up correctly? I choose the second floor thermostat. Then, are the heat and air conditioning setting supposed to be the same as I had set on the thermostat? Then I choose the Master Bedroom temp sensor. Then assign it a name. Save it and it should be done, but it doesn’t seem to work properly.

Does anyone have some tips to get this working properly?


Is ST seeing the temperature change within the smartapp or the ST phoneapp? That would explain it. AFter polling and/or refreshing, does the temperature update to current?

n.b. you are relying on ST cloud operation and internet connection to maintain temperature control. This is inherently unreliable and it cannot be made reliable. Other users often chime with “backup 3G” and “should be reliable” and magical thinking. Just FYI recent experience with internet temperature control has not been reliable.

I think the ecobee3 looks like a good way to implement remote sensor thermostat control, and it offers remote access unrelated to ST.

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In my experience, this is completely correct. I’d be a lot happier if Ecobee supported the Keen vents directly, as the currently available integration is useless.

It was my understanding that the V2 hub brought some of the functionality to the hub itself in case of internet connection lapse. Is that not the case for this smartapp?

Only smart lighting runs offline and only for default devicetypes.

Local devices:
Local Smartapps:

This has work well for my fan control…