Hub not receiving frequent updates from Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U

I got a new honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U thermostat. It seems to respond to the Keep me cozy II app for a little bit, but now it is not correctly setting the temperature. E.g. The app is set to 75, but the sensor (multi sensor) is reading 73. But the temperature being set on the thermostat is basically solid. In this scenario it would be like 71 causing my ac to turn on. Normally, in my day to day, if i want the air to come on, i go into the Green Living app for my Home scenario and tweak the temperature. This worked for about the first week, but now the thermostat seems to have locked a temperature. and I can’t tell if it the app failing or a mode of the thermostat. I seem to be able to manually control the temperature on my phone, but the green living app is failing. Does anyone have a remedy?

I have an update on this that I would really like to get feedback on. I think the problem is not the communicating with the app. I think the problem is things icon not updating. It just keeps saying it is a specific temperature. And only gets an update every day. If I go look at my thermostat it is a different temperature. But sense my cozy II app is based off a different sensor it is functioning relatively correctly. Has anyone else had problems with the hub not getting information back from a device.

I have discovered this because a motion sensor i bought seems to be doing the same thing. The app thinks it still sees motion and receives no state change.

Yeah… polling is not so solid just yet (hopefully they’re working on it). Try the “pollster” SmartApp, and point it at your thermostat to keep it up to date.