Keen vents keep dropping and trying to pair

All of a sudden I have multiple Keen vent that keep dropping off and keep doing the double green blink that indicates it’s trying to pair.

I have tied ejecting the batteries…sometimes this works, only to have it drop off again.

I have power cycled the hub. I even tried to manually reset and read one of the vents.

Any ideas of what going on.

Have not touched them in forever, and now all of a sudden they have this issue.


Same problem here too, and I contacted Keen. Mine were in the ceiling and it turned out to be the battery holder. They sent me new ones that allowed the batteries to not be held in so tight.

I will call them, but I think it’s a bigger issue. Even my motion sensors (zig bee) have dropped off.

Now my Hue lights (running off a Hue hub) work fine.

Do you have Device Health enabled? If so, try turning it off and reconnecting to the devices.

Since I don’t know what device health is…not sure.

Device Health is a setting in the SmartThings mobile app. It is available from the menu (hamburger button) on the home screen. Make sure it is turned off.

ok, turned it off.

Not sure what happened to all my Zigbee devices, but I had to remove and re-add all the Zigbee devices.

I did go out and get 2 new outlets/zigbee repeater/zwave repeaters. Placed them at either end of my house and things are much happier now.