Keen vent problems

I’m on the verge of just getting rid of these, they’ll work with ST for 7-10 days, then they need to be reset/re-paired etc. Their support people are pretty useless, at some point they suggested it may be a “distance from the hub” issue, but I’ve tested by putting a non-working vent inches from the hub with the same results.

So, before I go and get regular vents, has anybody run into this?

How many vents do you have? I have 12 or so. None of these issues. What kind of batteries are in them?

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Test a working device inches from the hub and see if it drops like the others. I also have 12 or so and I don’t like many things about them, but never had the problems you are describing. It might actually be a “distance from the hub” issue.

I have 4 vents, my house is not big by any means, and one of the vents was in the same room where the hub was, and it still gave me trouble. My “test” was taking one of the vents that stopped working and brought it within inches of the ST hub, and I had no luck.

Mind you, I got these on preorder, so they are from the very first batch, not sure if changes have been made since.

I hear you. The reason I said to try a working one to see if it drops, is because if the non-working one dropped off, you need to repair it in order for it to work again. I would call back Keen support and ask them if they do OTA firmware updates. If they do, you may need to pair them to one of their hubs, update firmware and then bring them back to SmartThings.

Also, do you have other Zigbee devices in your home and do they work fine?

One other thing, are they installed in the ceiling? Do you have any blinking lights when they don’t work, or you have no lights showing. I know that mine don’t make contact, so every time I replace the batteries I have to gently pull the springs.

How far is your hub from your WiFi router?

I have one that works great, but I also have a very strong zigbee mesh and I’ve checked for WiFi and zigbee channel interference. With vents being surrounded by solid wood framing, they are very dependent on a strong mesh.

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well, now I feel like an idiot, yesterday I did a check, mentally prepared for nothing to work since its been at least 6-ish weeks since I last messed with these… and to my surprise, they all worked fine, one needed fresh batteries but other than that, it was all ok.

One thing that I did notice, is that sine the last time I had to go thru the whole process I’ve added a couple of zigbee things, a button and a couple of sensors, maybe that helped?..

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If they were hard wired devices that act as repeaters it is certainly possible…

no, all battery, my zWave network is mostly hardwired stuff, and it is the bulk of it, I have very few zigbee things.

I am very surprised that they actually work with no other Zigbee mains powered devices. You might want to throw in a few Iris smart outlets and your sensors, buttons and vents will stay connected for much longer period. Lol

I find that more often than not, when the vents stop working it is because the batteries are no longer touching the springs. As they heat ans cool the batteries get a little bigger and a little smaller, sooner or later they inch up or down and loose contact with the battery spring. I have tried adjusting the springs but the best thing I found was getting one of the foam pads out of the batter tray. *

*I am by no means telling you to modify and void your warranty. I am only stating something i have tried. If you try it to and it does not work, please don’t blame me.

Has anyone successfully hard wired one of these?