Issues Pairing Devices with SmartThings Hub - Specifically Keen Vents - Anyone Else Seeing The Issue

Not sure if this is the correct area but my Keen Vents have started to lose their SmartThings control so wanted to re-pair them. Reset the vent and get the double blinking green as expected. Add to SmartThings (at least place SmartThings in add device mode) then see the double blinking light flash fast and go out (as if it has paired like in the past) however now the SmartThings app never see’s the vent to finish the add device process. Anyone else seeing this ?

are you using the standard device handler or a custom one?

Hi Jimmy, this is just in the pairing process itself before I assigned a Device Handler. In the past I’ve used custom handlers. Thanks

device handlers are read during the pairing process. There’s a current bug with device handlers going stale. So if you have a custom one setup in the web IDE, go in and re-publish it. Then reset the device and tr to pair again.

Jimmy, thanks. Tried that and same issue. Should I be using new or old SmartThings App (Classic vs new) at this time and will that make any difference here ?

Thanks again

Are they even discovered as a “thing” if not, bring the hub closer, reset the vent and try again.

Looks like they were finally detected after re-publishing the handlers a few times. @Automated_House any ETA on that bug fix ? Thanks

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No idea. Maybe never …

Hello guys may I suggest you create a ticket to developer support so this issue can be tracked and see if this issue can be fixed. Link to Dev support: