Smartthings devices keep dropping off

I’m still relatively new to the smartthings, but recently my devices keep dropping off the network and I either have to hard reset them or pull the plug on my smartthings hub and then do a Repair Z-Wave Network, which doesn’t always fix the issue and I am still forced to hard reset the motion sensors etc.

The hub is in a location were it’s away from any other electrical interference such as a modem/router etc, and yet I still encounter issues. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I’ve noticed that the batteries that are used in the devices don’t exactly fit snugly, I’m wondering if the batteries aren’t seated correctly and that’s why they drop off :confused:

But I’ve also heard people say to use these plugs which can bounce the signal to the hub, a mesh of some sort.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are these devices actually designed by SmartThings? If not, then what devices do you have? The brand of devices do make a difference as they are all not built equally.

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They are all Samsung devices. Mainly the multi-sensors and the motion sensors dropping off. I have been looking at Aeotec’s z-wave rage extender plugs to create a ‘mesh’ in the house. Would these work to help with drop out though?

Samsung uses the ZigBee protocol on a lot of their devices. I know that the multi sensors are ZigBee and have proven themselves to be unreliable in my setup.

I don’t know if this is fact, but to “Rebuild” the ZigBee network, as there is no repair utility, you have to unplug the HUB and remove the batteries and let it sit for 15 minutes.

See if that helps.

My official advice is to drop the Samsung Devices and go with Iris motions and sensors…

Yer, I’ve been unplugging the hub for 15 minutes like you say. Sometimes it does fix the issues, other times it’s usually me sat disconnecting the device(s) and then reinstalling them which is a right pain in the backside as they don’t connect first time round.

These Iris sensors you mentioned, I take it you’ve had experience with these? How are these better than the smartthings devices? I’m open to anything that doesn’t require my attention every day when the drop off the hub.

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I have over 200 devices in my ST setup and I am very active on these forums. I have been through the various degrees of BS that we as ST users experience and I finally have a super stable and efficient ST HA system.

I’ve tried over 10 different motions and contacts brands. Some are decent, some are garbage. I put the Samsung devices in the garbage category. I’ve always had problems with them including what you are experiencing to date.

The Iris Motions and Contacts run locally and are by far the best non fuss, set and forget motions and sensor I have tried. I currently have over 40 Iris contacts and 20 or so Iris motions and they have always performed very well with decent battery life. The motions have a 1 minute reset period and the contacts are pretty darn instant.

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OK smart! I might have a look online and purchase one or two and see how I get on with those. Thanks for the advice :+1:

You forgot to mention you Alexa addiction, but that’s ok. :wink:

(No, it will never get old lol).

I’m actually thinking about getting a few of the Iris motion sensors today to add to my Smartthings ones. I heard they are much better.

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So…added 3 more Fire Sticks and 2 more Fire HD8 Tablets…I so need help.

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See the following discussion. It’s a very common disease.

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It was stable for a while, but now various devices take their turns dropping out of my system. Really annoying to babysit an automation system…

Just an update from the start of the thread I posted on Friday. I kept on having one multi-sensor acting up and dropping connection all the time. So I decided to send an email to ST support. Now they’ve just come back after checking the logs, stating that this multi-sensor does have a firmware update available :confused:

They asked if they could turn on over the air update feature (which I haven’t got a clue what that is btw), or even how the hell they’d do this. Has anyone ever had this scenario before? Seems a little iffy to me like.

This is happening to my setup as well. It’s really frustrating! My two door sensors and my motion sensor dropped off a couple of days ago. I removed and readded them and they worked for a day, now they have fallen offline again today.

This is really frustrating, what’s going on Samsung?

Also have this issue with Samsung multi door sensor. It says battery 100% and door closed but when I open it still says door closed. Clearly it’s lost connection. I know reset will fix but it will happen again.

Any advice, or do I just have to bin the Samsung sensors?

So in order to perform the Firmware updates

  1. Login to IDE
  2. Goto Hubs
  3. Select Utilities
  4. Press Retrieve Current Settings
  5. If it says that Zigbee OTA is disabled
  6. Then press Allow OTA or Allow OTA for lights
    (This will attempt to upgrade all depending on what you choose)

I don’t think this takes affect immediately, so after you have done this, then in IDE

  1. Goto Devices
  2. Select the Device
  3. Scroll down to Firmware
  4. Select Check Now

For all of the ST Multipurpose sensors, they are all reporting battery 100%. I believe this issue was introduced with the 18.22 firmware upgrade. It’s posted everywhere. All 3 of mine show 100.

So for the fact that your device is showing Offline, I would simply go replace the battery and it will magically come back online as I am sure it’s not reporting at all right now because it’s dead.

Start with battery first. If they continue to come online and then drop for a cpl days, you may want to go thru the process so that the Zigbee mesh is rebuilt or add devices to make it stronger.

I am sorry to trudge up an old post and comment, but I have this same issue consistently with my ST sensors. I have looked for this setting in the IDE and can’t find it. Did something change in the IDE to not allow this?

I clicked on “My Hubs” and look at my Home Hub but don’t see anything to manage the ZigBee utilities. I even clicked the Edit button to no avail.

It is so frustrating in the last four months. Constantly having to reset and add devices

I have been experiencing this issue too.
Only official Samsung sensors show disconnected in the new ST app.

All automations work
They show online and working in ST Classic.
They show online and working in IDE


  • pull the sensor battery for 10 seconds.
  • done
    *** no need to delete and add device ***

I was able to stop my devices from dropping off!

I moved the ST hub to the middle of my home.

In the beginning when in had only a few devices it worked fine from the basement to the top floor…
BUT, after adding devices to a total of near 60, there were too many devices between the hub and devices.
Zigbee with ST supposedly has a max of 15 hops from hub to device, but many people say issues after 5
Zwave has a maximum of 4 hops

Moving the hub to a central location minimizes the number of hops. and I have not had a single device drop from connection.