Keen Vent in new ST App displaying incorrect values

Hi -

So I’m making a good faith effort to use the new app exclusively (and let me say that faith is being challenged :roll_eyes:), and I’ve run into an annoying error with the ST Keen App.

My Keen Vents show up in the new app just fine, and the app allows me or my automations to change the “dimmer” level on the vent (the percent that the vent is open) just fine. The issue is that once the vent’s level is changed, the app UI changes the slider value of the “dimmer” back to 0.

Anyone else experiencing this? Who do I report this error to, Keen?

Yeah, it’s a small problem really.

I corrected this issue at my github.


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Wonderful - thank you

Thank you so much for correcting the value showing zero. It was a little things that bugged Me too! And I just never said anything about it. thanks