Keen Vent in new ST App displaying incorrect values

Hi -

So I’m making a good faith effort to use the new app exclusively (and let me say that faith is being challenged :roll_eyes:), and I’ve run into an annoying error with the ST Keen App.

My Keen Vents show up in the new app just fine, and the app allows me or my automations to change the “dimmer” level on the vent (the percent that the vent is open) just fine. The issue is that once the vent’s level is changed, the app UI changes the slider value of the “dimmer” back to 0.

Anyone else experiencing this? Who do I report this error to, Keen?

Yeah, it’s a small problem really.

I corrected this issue at my github.


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Wonderful - thank you

Thank you so much for correcting the value showing zero. It was a little things that bugged Me too! And I just never said anything about it. thanks

I changed to the above device driver and went into the classic app and know that it changed because it is different then my other vents. When I went into the new app it still shows that my temp is 140 degrees and the vent is at 0 yet in the classic still shows 25.

Some of my vents are doing the same.

I looked at the history and it looks fine. It appears just a display issue. However if you want to adjust your vents needbto do it in classic. Could it be a firmware thing

Any chance of getting an update to fix the dimmer display issue @yvesracine that @mckenph mentioned? I agree it does show the setpoint in the history but does not accurately show the current dimmer status. Given the classic app will be dead in a few weeks it would be wonderful to have that fixed before we have to transition. Thanks!

Hi, @intrepidtreks, I’m afraid that any issue related to the Keen vents is a bit more complex than just the display, and you have to report all issues to SmartThings support.

P.S. I’ve coded the Flair vent dth from scratch and it works fine under all apps (ST Classic and Samsung connect). So, it has to be a zigbee issue where ST interferes with the zigbee commands. BTW, the Flair vent doesn’t use zigbee (it’s C2C)…

EDIT: @intrepidtreks, I had to wait a few minutes, but it looks like ST’s stock DTH does NOT have the issue with the dimmer like @yvesracine’s and my DTH. I’ll have to see what changed and what the custom DTH’s need to replicate to fix this issue.

Hi @yvesracine, (fyi @intrepidtreks)

Looks like I’m able to retain the dimmer value in the new app when using ST’s stock handler for the Keen vent.

My “newest” custom handler is ST’s but with all the logging statements commented out, but my DTH won’t display and retain the dimmer value for some reason. The only thing I can think of is that there’s a VID in play on the back end with ST’s that you and I would need to create one for our custom DTH’s via the CLI tool.

I’m pretty sure that may be the case when I look at the devices side by side in the new app. Again, being that the only difference with my DTH and ST’s are that the debug lines are commented out, you can start to see a difference in the dashboard tiles:

And then what really let’s me know more confidently is the detail order of the capabilities within each device. Check out the differences below: (both vents should be 100%)

Vent using stock ST handler:

Vent using my custom handler w/just those minor changes I mentioned above:

I’m going to experiment with creating a custom VID using the CLI tool, and I’ll let you know how that goes. In summary, this looks like it’s NOT an issue with ST, but something we need to address as developers with our custom DTH’s and a custom VID. Again, more info coming after some testing.

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Hi @yvesracine, creating a VID seems to have fixed the dimmer display issue. Here’s that “Den Floor Vent Left” device with the DTH updated with a custom VID. Note the details order has changed, and the dimmer value did not jump back to 0%:

You’re more than welcomed to try the VID I created to see if it help your DTH. Just add the following info in Metadata within the definition line: (I usually add this to the end)

, mnmn: “SmartThingsCommunity”, vid: “10327bad-e926-30bd-8611-063f07763a97”)

The new app is flaky with custom DTH’s, VID’s and custom capabilities, and it’s a PITA to work with the new CLI, but as developers it’s something we unfortunately have to work through. Behavior in the new app is also a PITA to debug because sometimes things just stop working for no reason and start again a little while later. This is not for the faint of heart at times, and you will need patience…

Sometimes changing an existing custom DTH that’s in use by a device to use a custom VID does not work, so I recommend doing it this way:

  1. Create a brand new DTH using your existing code, but just give it a different name for now.
  2. Add that info to the definition line.
  3. Save and Publish
  4. In the IDE, change one of your vents to something completely different, like a button or switch. Sounds odd, but trust me on this.
  5. Wait for a bit afterwards and force close/restart the new app.
  6. Check it in the new app to make sure it changed.
  7. In the IDE, change that vent back to your new DTH with the VID.
  8. Repeat step 5.
  9. Repeat step 6.
  10. Steps 4-9 may need to be tried more than once. Why you ask? See my comments above, or the CLI discussion in the Community…

You can also try clearing the new app’s cache instead of some of those steps. LAstly, you might want to get caught up on the CLI tool because you’ll definitely need it, especially for custom capabilities.

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