Question On Control Of Smart Vents & Related App

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I have Keen smart vents in my automation setup and wondered if there was a better way to control them. Today it appears they show almost like a light control (at least thats what I see from SmartApp functionality) with dimmer control. Therefore have some questions:

  1. As mentioned, the only SmartApp that I can find that controls these today is a Light Switch App therefore it controls on/off (open/close of vent to last position) and dimmer control for the 0% to 100% amount open. I am noticing that if I pull these into HomeBridge it pulls these over the same way, however the dimmer functionality doesn’t work, only open close. Using the dimmer slider in a HomeKit app doesn’t affect the open/close amount. Any ideas on whether either I am doing something wrong or if in fact this functionality is not integrated yet ?

  2. With regards to the vent reporting statuses (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure) those are not carried over to HomeKit through HomeBridge, is that a known limitation today or if not is there a better way to set these up ?

  3. Is there a better SmartApp to use for vent functionality in general (HomeBridge/HomeKit aside) that anyone is aware of for these Keen smart vents ?

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I see you found the main Keen discussion:

You may also find this one, interesting:

Thanks Bobby ! Any pointers on Nest integration into ST ? As mentioned, I have this ported into Iris and HomeKit (through HomeBridge), looking to attempt the same in ST