Keen Smart Home Vents

Well of course that’s what I meant lol! Thanks…


Thanks for your reply and trust me certainly do not take it personally as I am just a power user like you i.e. no hidden agenda. Just wanted to share some thoughts on the Keen vents and experience so far from my perspective. Apologies for the long post.

First, what do you mean you’re not using other software or hubs, have to spread your HA platform wings :wink:

I noticed that the HW (vent) has received some manufacturing changes (you can check your P/N on the back as it has had an iteration change) over the past few months. Currently it appears updates have also been made to the cloud backend due to bug feedback and in particular with the Keen app/HW integration (made possible by the comms mechanism today). The way in which comms are handled from the Keen portion (app->cloud>server>bridge>vent) allows for those tweaks on the backend without the need for pushing full blown app updates, SW side in iOS etc. An example of some of those items that I have seen fixed personally so far are issues with room additions (could not add rooms beyond a point), ghost vents, pairing discrepancies, app control and server comms to app functions etc have all been resolved quickly through that mechanism. Those can be witnessed personally using the Keen App & bridge already (I know you mentioned people here may not be using that platform but wanted to share).

I’ve seen a number of nuances with the vents that are affecting multiple platforms (Iris, ST, Keen) and those are being worked hard by their team as well to trap and isolate so all benefit from a fix regardless of platform choice. With regards to HW related issues being fixed/updated, as you mentioned there are no USB/service ports today but they do have the ability using remote server pushes to distribute FW to the vents which is a plus. The mechanism for this being possible across the other platforms (outside of the Keen infrastructure) is a question I have out there although I would think it would have to be supported due to the investment in Iris, (launch partner) and ST.

In terms of continuing platform support my understanding is an ongoing commitment across the board up to and including expansion into new areas such as HomeKit in the future, i.e a strong presence regardless of platform.

As the vents and bridges are only just getting out to the masses now (as everyone here has seen), focus appears to be switching to their growing customer base, platform support, vent installs, reported issues across platforms and backend server work as well (this last piece relating to their own Keen platform and ensuring that it is stable with their Keen Bridge and App). Taking these updates, enhancements, findings and resolutions and applying where possible/applicable across other platforms. This focus shift now being possible as attention can be moved from fulfillment of their pre-orders to development/engineering and support etc.

Staying on the topic of platforms, with regards to platform integration variances, I am referring to things like the fact that in Iris and the Keen app, pressure data is not made available to the user today (vent temperature is not in the Keen app nor is a real-time poll of device status at this time) therefore limiting what can and cannot be done there today, hence the additional work. ST on the other hand has that data being passed and also benefits from integration with ST sensors/devices that are more readily available than elsewhere currently. So although some may not agree, the ST platforms integration, community and 3rd party sensors work a lot better and allow more customization of your HA environment with the vents than for example other platforms like Iris currently IMO. The Keen app platform itself (through my experience using it) looks to be aimed more at the regular homeowner rather than the techy integrator (I don’t see this as a detriment necessarily). By that what I mean is that things are presented in a more simple, friendly way such as ‘does the room feel cold or hot etc’ and then the app driving preset vent adjustments to compensate. Occupancy scheduling in blocks of hours rather than granular to the minute or hour itself. Temp purposefully not presented to the user (which as we know is vent air flow temp not room) which could be confusing to some in its current iteration. Also, apart from things like Nest control and upcoming auto balancing (sill currently in beta) there is no option to bring sensors, rules etc into the Keen environment today. Therefore I believe this is why Keen is and will continue to support the other HA platforms and associated user base for those wanting full HA control, more granularity and deeper integration across a plethora of ‘other’ devices.

In terms of further integration directly, Keen could offer (through ST smart apps, their own infrastructure and associated app) the ability to monitor/report and action based on vent temp and pressure status to ensure the health of the system just as one example already mentioned. This has not been implemented so far to the end user (hence great individuals on here coming up with other options in ST). Another example might be extrapolating room temp algorithmically from vent temp (if possible) to expand use almost into a remote sensor/zoning type of deal (something that Nest for example should be doing with its Protect alarms IMO) or looking to integrate tighter with other options to provide the same end result and a more rich experience when pairing with a Nest or other Thermo. My understanding is that these are at least being discussed at this time.

Continuing on integration, I’m sure even more functionality will be added to the Keen app based on the backend data it has available and the streamlined way in which to control features and bug fixes through the comms mechanism I mentioned. With that said, any features that can be replicated/introduced across Iris & ST as well (HomeKit in time hopefully), I am sure would be, due to the large community and customer base along with access to sensors and devices that are not directly supported through Keens infrastructure or partner network today.

Don’t and won’t speak for Keen here at all, again I’m just a power user thats testing across 4 platforms (albeit 1 ported) with a whole house of these vents (and a number of other HA devices on other platforms) and working closely with them on anything I see issue wise. providing feedback as I go and testing any fixes that are shared.

From my own perspective, I don’t disagree that there are issues today and maybe product launch was not as smooth as anyone would like or expect, however I am seeing Keen step up to the plate to work on addressing as much as they can, as quickly as possible and seeing that commitment increase as cycles free up from the completion of the pre-order fulfillment phase.

Of course time will tell with these HA platforms, products and the companies behind them, which is why I am using multiple to see what best works for my needs and to gauge the level of continued investment in platform(s) or product(s).

Not sure if that helps Mike as again just based on my personal experience so far.



FYI, I just released a new version of my zone heating/cooling solutions which work
with smart vents.

See my release announcement here:


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I never said, that I have plenty of other hubs and integrations, I’m just not interested in any of the ones you are…

I’m a bit perplexed, I know you requested access to my beta, but you’ve not contributed even one post, given your vast experience with these vents and all the other integrations, I might have expected a little more participation.

Additionally, @yvesracine has a more mature release product for controlling these bad boys, have you even given that a spin?


Hi guys, just recently received my Smart Vents (eight of them!) which only covers maybe 1/2 of my total vents but have been putting them in as I have time (between my toddler and other projects it’s a little slow!) That being said, I received two of the Keen Smart Bridges because I wound up making two separate orders during the pre-order after I decided to add more vents. I had talked to someone at Keen previously (Nate?) that mentioned something about using them as repeaters and I asked again just the other day - Will at Keen said that I could “add them into SmartThings as a repeater” - so I unplugged the network, hit the reset button on the bottom and sure enough ST found it, but couldn’t identify what it was.

So now I’ve got an “unknown” device on ST - will it act as a repeater without additional device info, or do I need a device handler? I live in a long 3200sf+ ranch home built back in the 70’s so there’s lots of thick wood in the way; granted my ST hub (v2) is in a central data closet, but some of the vents are either far enough away or have lots of wood and drywall in the way.

Also wondering if the Keen Smart Bridge will act as a Zigbee repeater for all Zigbee devices (I have a couple of Cree Connected bulbs at opposite ends of the house) or just the vents? Seems like I read they communicate with a different protocol? Same radio obviously, but different protocol.

Please forgive me if this has been answered above, I’ve been going crosseyed trying to read this 360+ post thread! I appreciate any advice or direction anyone can give…



Thanks for your reply

With regards to platforms, lets be honest there is not one size that fits all needs today so it does pay to look and play with the different offerings as we’ve mentioned. Hopefully this year we will see further cross platform devices and or better ability to use sensors/devices cross functionally using things like Zigbee/WiFi to BT bridges etc. The community is great here and we would all appreciate I’m sure further work by the manufacturers to improve their products and platforms into more robust architecture. If nothing else let it do what it says on the tin :slight_smile:

Yes got your beta this week, thank you ! I do plan to start using and contributing with it this coming week. As you will note, I am new to this community so have been taking my time asking question on what is available with regards to smart apps that can integrate well while testing across platforms, hence looking at your beta, Yves app, Bruce with Rule Machine and of course others that I can use both natively or port through to other platforms.

Thanks and again appreciate the great feedback and community here

Well cool!,
Please request my permission prior to porting over any of my code or algorithms, thanks.


Welcome. Glad you were able to get a bridge and get into repeater mode (usually accomplished with a button press at the bottom of the bridge like you saw but can be finicky). I know in the Keen app the additional bridge (beyond the first one needed for basic communication) shows up as an additional Smart Vent in the associated soft room you create today. Now in practice so far I have not seen repeater mode (at least in the Keen infrastructure and app) actually work as expected. For me it has not acted as a true repeater or extended range at this time. I have some other things to test with it and will report back but there are no other options for amending the bridge (function, action, setup etc) or doing anything with it on the Keen side today. I know Keen are actively working on bridge comms and repeater mode as well so believe there is more to come on this functionality with regards to not only it being added correctly as a repeater but in its use.

With regards to using it as a repeater on the ST side, I haven’t used that yet. For reference, I currently have 3 of the Keen Bridges (1 per floor) but setup in the Keen infrastructure so will pull those into ST today and see what I can find out.

Others may be able to offer some further advice here as well

I am getting nervous with these vents. I have had 4 of 9 so far give me the Red Circle where it thinks it is obstructed and cant clear itself. Nothing is there and I have to manually open and close it several times then remove the batteries to reset them.


Will do and maybe my wrong choice of verbiage. When I mentioned porting, I should have clarified that I am just looking at triggering smart apps or associated devices across multiple HA platforms while executing their configured actions across all, using their inherent platform controls in bridged environments. This rather than amending or moving code/algorithms directly into a platform or another smart app which I would never do unless it was my own (or permission of code owner). Each remains as is within the environment today with only connection between platforms being bridges such as HomeBridge (NFARINA) as an example. Certainly some challenges already being seen here especially with ensuring that simple comms states between platforms are updated and respected across the bridge for example :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again for your hard work an that of others so far in this community !


I saw a few early on, all but 1 has been resolved one way or another and I have to retest that one. What is the build batch (20150XXX) you have and ending P/N (1.0 or 1.1) etc ? Wondering if its an 08XX batch for serial. Has this happened from minute one or just recently ? Are they ceiling or floor mounted ?

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Floor mounted.
1.0 PN

All were purchased from my local Lowes. Tehy did not do it from day one three have been here for a month or so and have failed two or three times. One is two weeks old and just started doing it today. They are getting noisier when they actuate lately too

I personally saw issues with 08xx batches and HW iteration 1.0 (1.1 being the latest), not every vent by any means but more issues with that particular batch than later (0926 is the latest I have seen so far). If all are within this earlier batch (and you have your receipt) would recommend maybe a revisit to Lowes and see if (when they get the units form the cage) you can pick a later batch (not a guarantee but just sharing my experience seen with the earliest batches).

I did notice on one unit (earlier batch) with the obstruction that if you look underneath it seemed to have their plastic arms (that the louvers connect to) a little closer to the overall housing which might have contributed to the erroneous obstruction. The other things to try is a re-calibration of the vent as well. Place the unit on a flat surface but with the vent facing towards you and the radio away from you (horizontally), think placing on a table with louvers towards you etc. Then what I tried was (with power still in) open fully manually then closing fully, pull out the battery pack, leave for a bout 10 seconds. Place the battery pack back in, once initial light has come on, tap the black button on the back 5 times (reset) and let it reconnect back up. See if that helps as well. It is also worth doing the recalibration approach after with the vent in place (in the vent opening).

If you don’t have the receipt, can’t get to Lowes or just don’t want the hassle, reach out to Keen and am sure they will work with you to resolve the issue and or replace but Lowes may get you an immediate resolution (if close by).

I need to see if there is a way to get it to notify me if there is an issue. Say a rule that sees one is reporting an obstruction and sends me a text or app message so I dont have to keep monitoring


I haven’t seen a way to do that today. In fact out of all the platforms the one that seems to have the best bi-directional polling of the vents so far is Iris believe it or not where it re-polls the device every 10-15 seconds so even manual movements of the vent are updated as are dropped connections etc, haven’t seen this in ST so far and know its not in Keen infrastructure today for that app/hw

So, one of my vents icon’s is red, and the notifications say device jammed reset power.

It is clearly not jammed and I have reset the power several times but it won’t clear.

I have even brought it down right beside my hub, any ideas folks?



use the manual level to open and close it a few times then replace the battery pack

What device code are you using for your iris sensors? The smart sense open/close only does whole degrees, I’d love to see more accuracy.

if you got it from lowes less than 90 days ago, pack it up and take it back. I had one going bad. I expect a few more to go bad, the they make a grinding noise more pronounced than others. Hope they go bad in few weeks, so I can exchange them.

Has anyone experienced this rattling issue? It seems like the blades are hitting the white leads…