Keen and SmarthThings Range

Finally realized I have range issues with my Keen Hub, Sensors and Vents. Does anyone know the range benefits of using ST hub vs. Keen? Also, can you interconnect the two as repeater i.e. Can ST hub connect to a Keen receiver and vice versa? I was also thinking about another Zigbee outlet as an repeater. Is that possible?

Hi, you can connect your Keen Hub to ST, not the other way around.

There are also other zigbee repeater, but the Keen Hub works well at my home as a repeater.


you can use any Zigbee powered device (except some bulbs) as repeaters for the Keen Vents if they are paired with the ST hub and would need to create routines in the ST app to control the vents.

If you pair the Keen vents with their hub, your options are limited to the Keen hub acting as a repeater unless they add support for other zigbee devices on their platform.

i don’t see that option on ST “connect now”. I am trying to connect the keen bridge as a repeater for smatthings hub.

Hi, it’s not the way it works. Click on my link above which explains the way to connect the Keen Hub. You have to use the ST classic mobile app

I tried the steps you show on your link.

  • Plug smart bridge into power but not ethernet (if you’ve already plugged it into ethernet, you can reset it by holding down the button on the bottom for 5 seconds).
  • In the ST app, connect new device
  • Hit “connect now”

The connect new device does not allow to select any generic zigbee and I don’t see connect now. Unless I’m missing other instructions? It seems straight forward.

In the ST classic mobile app, you just need to click the + icon in the upper right under My home. That’s the connect now described. You should then see an unidentified Thing under Things appears after a while…

I’m looking at adding a thermostat and Keen smart vents throughout my home. I see that the Ecobee4 is discussed is that the best thermostat in your experience or are others good options? I saw from Keen that they currently interact with the Emerson Sensi, and the Zen thermostat. It is my assumption that would apply to using their smart bridge controller but not through smartthings itself?

Hi, I cannot confirm if the Keen Home vents & hub work well with the Emerson Sensi or the Zen tstats.

All I can tell you is the following (based on my experience):

  • Ecobee is the best tstat on the market especially for HA purposes as its rich APIs allow many use case scenarios (refer to My custom Ecobee device DTH);

  • With my zoning smartapp called ScheduleTstatZones, you can use any ST connected thermostat including any protocol such as zwave, zigbee or wifi;

  • Many of my contributors prefer the ST hub and my zoning smartapps to control their vents in conjunction with their master tstat as there are many more options/settings.

For more information about the zoning smartapps, please refer to the ST community forum thread:


Is this still possible? I can’t scan for the Keen Hub, tried resetting it and scan now and still can’t find it.

Hi, The Keen hub will appear as a Thing. It only acts as a zigbee repeater. You still need to reset your Keen Home vents to pair them to the SmartThings hub.

It’s not coming up as anything at all. I tried resetting the hubs over and over and nothing is appearing. The vents are already in ST. I’m using your program. Everything was setup but I lost connection on the vents downstairs and realized that my hubs i had as repeaters all over the house is not connected to my ST.

Refer to:

Keen Smart Home Vents - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

P.S. BTW, the best zigbee repeaters are the following:

TRÅDFRI Signal repeater - IKEA