Kasa TP-Link switches with Harmony

Hello, has anyone gotten TP-Link switches and simmers to work with Harmony via smart things? Once I try to add it to an activity I get an error. All non TP-Link items work fine

I am having the same issue. I can see and control the HS220 and HS200 in the Kasa and Smart Things apps. However, after linking Harmony and SmartThings, the switches show as No Connection.

I would love to get this fixed!

I found a solution, but it’s super sloppy. Create a “virtual switch” via smart things classic. Then link that.

Was there ever a solution to this besides creating a virtual switch? I have the same issue with both of my S220 Dimmer switches. Once added to my Harmony elite via SmartThings I get no connection status on the remote.

Was really hoping i could get my new switches to dim the lights via the harmony elite remote. Supper bummed about this :frowning: