TP-Link Kasa light switch

Looking to be able to control my TP-Link Kasa switches. Looking to see if anyone had been able to get them working. If not any could that I can start with would be helpful. The other thing I am looking to add is my Lift master myq controller, as well as my Armcrest Camera.

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Try here.

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Hey Dave

I just installed 2 new HS200 switches and I get an error when trying to link the switches using the app you created in the smartthings classic app. From doing a little research, I think they have a new hardware and firmware version that might be creating this issue.

From following your code, the two new switches were added to the array.

Using the logger, it gives the following error when trying to save the two new switches

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘value’ on null object @line 211 (doCall) in the service manager.

Any ideas?


What is your service manager name and version?

For your HS200, what is the hardware version and the firmware version (from Kasa app)?

The error message indicates that somewhere there is a call like it.value.xxxx, but “it” is null. On line 211, there is a state.currentError - but state itself is not null nor is state.currentError (set at initialize).

Without a lot more information, the only thing I can suggest is re-install from scratch.

I actually found a new device handler and smart app on a different page of yours and it worked there. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Joe Axisa

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Can you share where you found the device handler and smart app? I also have a HS200 switch that I’m trying to link to my hub.