No connection error Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Hi, I am trying to control TP-link Kasa Plugs through the Harmony remote. I can control them with the Kasa App or the Smartthings App but after adding Smartthings Device under Home control on the Harmony Hub/remote the devices are listed but say No connection. If a device is selected, a window pops up with cannot connect to “Plug 1” Ensure bridge is properly connected, It’s powered on, and try again. I’ve reset both hubs (Harmony and Smartthings) deleted and added the smartthings as a device in the harmony app and checked that all the devices show connected when I log into my router. I also checked the router and wireless isolation is not checked (Netgear wdnr3800) Any Ideas are welcome. I added the Kasa plugs and want to add new Kasa switches to replace ancient X10 plugs and switches that I can control with the Harmony remote. Using Smarrtthings hub v3 and Logitech Harmony Ultimate

I’m having a similar issue with my Kasa plug and harmony app. The only difference is that my problem happens intermittently, not all the time. However, I had my friend with a similar setup add his and he’s seeing the same thing as you - all Kasa plugs showing “No Connection”

I’m thinking it’s a compatibility issue with the Kasa Plugs. If I add A Harmony Activity to Smartthings it works every time from the Smartthings App. Do you have any other brands of Plugs or switches that work well? Thank you for your feedback.

Yeah I switched to a Leviton DZPA1-2BW outlet, which is Z-Wave. So far it’s working perfectly. They carry these at Home Depot in Canada…not sure where you’re from but they’re pretty common.

I think you probably want something that communicates directly with SmartThings (like the DZPA1-2BW) rather than something that relies on another integration (TP-Link). I have an outdoor “smart” outlet from Meross and it has occasionally failed as well. Good luck - I’ll let you know if my Leviton outlet fails, but so far so good…

Thanks Again, I’m thinking about trying Lutron Caseta devices, It is listed as directly compatible with the harmony remote and will take Smartthings out completely, but it is also compatible with Smartthings to control automations etc.

Good idea. I do have an update - the DZPA1-2BW outlet failed during a few automations yesterday so I pulled it out.

I’m actually picking one of these up:

It’s basically a power plug that responds to IR signals. I just stick an IR bulb on the end of it and mapped the power on/off toggle to one of the buttons on my tv remote.

Works perfectly in my case which is to control fans in my cabinet. I just toggle it on / off as a custom step in any activity that I want the fans to be used in. Simple but it works. The added bonus is that since I’m mapping the on/off toggle to a button on my tv remote, I don’t have to add an extra device to Harmony.

Good luck! I’ll have to check out the Lutron Caseta devices.