TP Link Switches Not Updating Status in App

I’ve been having issues with my TP Link Switches updating in the app and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. They’re HS-200 switches. I’m running a v3 hub on an Eero mesh network. The switches show as connected to the network and can be controlled through the apps and automations. The problem is if I manually turn them on, they are still showing up as off in the app. There’s no activity in the history either. This leads to all kinds of failures with automations, like shower lights linked to fans going off. The shower fan has been turned on manually, but shows as off in the app, and then an automation kills the lights. Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this? Like I said, it’s not a connectivity issue. They’re showing as connected through both the mesh network and the Smartthings IDE. It seems like a glitch with the new app.

It is a glitch with the C2C integration. Have you looked into the Kasa app, do they change state over there when you turn them on or off physically?

I’ve been having the same issue. Yes status is updating in the Kasa app, but when isn’t changed by SmartThings many times it doesn’t reflect the change in SmartThings.

this just happened to me recently too… been working fine for months

go to menu > settings > linked services > open the tp-link kasa integration and click Done at the bottom of the screen. It may or may not help but worth a shot.

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i deleted the linked service and re-added it from scratch (then i had to fix my automations… ugh…)

hopefully that does the trick… thanks SmartThings…