Kasa Matter Plug Edge Driver


I just bought some of the Kasa Matter smart plugs (kp125m) and got them set up in Smartthings but they show with a driver of “matter switch” instead of a plug. It doesn’t seem to work correctly, but besides that, this Kasa plug has energy monitoring and none of that shows up in smartthings.

I know that Matter devices are relatively new, but does anyone else have any experience with using these devices with smartthings?



My Wiz matter bulbs also use the Matter Switch driver and I get on/off, dimming, color and color temperature.

I found a weird way to get my Kasa plugs to show up as native devices in Smartthings and display energy monitor info. They also show up as directly connected devices, running locally, not thru the Kasa integration.

  • Using the Kasa app, connect the plugs to it.
  • Using the Smartthings app, connect the Kasa app (New device->By Brand->TP-Link/Kasa)
  • You should now be able to see the Kasa devices in ST and control them. They won’t report power and will use the cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Install @BarryA 's edge driver (Channel and Drivers Web UI 2)
  • In the Smartthings app, go back to new devices and do a scan
  • You should now see all the plugs again, this time with edge driver’s
  • Once you add them, the devices will be duplicated.
  • You can remove the Kasa integration, the duplicates will be removed, and the devices should stay connected with the edge drivers

This step isn’t required to use Barry’s edge driver.

To the OP’s questions, the “Matter Switch” driver encompasses every Matter device that has on/off switch capability.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have done that with some wi-fi switches and it works great. But, these are Matter, so I figured I shouldn’t need to do that because they natively work with Smartthings.

Thanks for the info. In looking through that list, it doesn’t look like it has anything relate to power monitoring. Is that correct?

The plug is working for on/off, but there is no power monitoring which is what I was hoping to use in some automations. Is there any way to get power monitoring through Matter plugs in Smartthings?


unfortunately not because the Matter standard does not currently support power reporting.

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Aaaah… ok. I didn’t realize that.

So, the Kasa wifi plugs will provide energy monitoring through the Edge driver, but Kasa Matter plugs can’t due to the Matter standard, correct?

I’ll test this myself, but I’m curious if you know if I added the Kasa plugs through the Kasa app and then linked Kasa to Smartthings, would the energy monitoring show up in ST? I assume that even if that did work using the cloud integration, I’d lose local control, which is not what I’m looking for.

Thanks for the help!

If you use the Kasa Edge driver, power and energy will show up in ST.

There is NO need to link the ST and Kasa platforms. If you do link them you will get duplicates.

The only question is will you Kasa Matter plug work with Kasa Edge Driver. But that is an easy test.

The following is one of my Kasa plugs using the Edge Driver.

OK, so I added the Kasa plug to the Kasa app and it shows all energy monitoring capabilities there but I can’t get it to show up using the BA LAN edge driver like I can my other kasa wifi devices.

@BarryA do you have any info on getting Kasa Matter devices to work with your Edge driver? It works great for wifi devices, but I can’t seem to get it to work with Matter devices.

Thanks everyone for the help so far!

Hi Guys,

I’m a newcomer to the SmartThings ecosystem, I just recently bought a SmartThings station and I have a couple of smart plugs.

I have 2 devices Kasa Smart Plug HS103P2 and I’ve successfully integrated them into the SmartThinks Station hub using @BarryA 's BA LAN - Beta edge drive.

But I also have 4 devices Kasa KP125M (Matter protocol as far as I understand) but that driver cannot discover those plugs.
I’m able to integrate the Kasa app into the ST app and use those plugs, but the main goal of my Smart Home setup is to run everything in a local network, not using cloud processing.

I don’t know how the Matter protocol works, but I think once those plugs from Kasa App were imported into ST it wouldn’t run on the ST Hub, it’s still cloud processing, which I want to avoid. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

@BarryA is it possible to add support for those Kasa KP125M plugs into your edge Driver?

Ok so, here is the thing:
In order to KP125M be discovered with Barry’s driver he needs to add it’s fingerprint to his driver, but also not sure as the device it is using Matter Protocol if it will be available through the classic LAN integration.
In other hand, there must be a way to share your device via Matter and that will give you local control as you want, but you will lost power monitoring as that feature is not currently supported by Matter.

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Once paired through Matter, the device will have local control, look in the Kasa App the way to share the Matter Code, then go to Smartthings App and click on Add Devices, Matter, paste the code from the Kasa App and it will be added to Smartthings via matter (with local control).

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Hi @AurElHA,

Thank you very much for your quick response.
I couldn’t find a way to generate Matter Code in Kasa App.

BTW: I don’t have any other hub, only ST Station Hub, and google nest hub max (which is helpless). I thought generating such a code possible only by using some hubs.

For instance, I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qbMPKVOMYk&ab_channel=AppMyHome.

This guy managed to generate the Matter Code using Apple homekit, but when I tried to do it, apple home popped up a message where asking to add Apple home hub, it can be IPad or AppleTV, or home speakers, but I don’t have any of them.

For now, there is only one way that I know is to share plugs via Kasa App to ST, but it’s Cloud Processing.

Do you know whether Barry’s driver is open-source or private?

Follow the instructions on the KASA support site, probably you need to unpair your device from the KASA App first, then you can pair your matter device to SmartThings and once paired you can generate a matter code to share with Google as well (in the SmartThings app).

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This is his GitHub page for the Kasa Devices.

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At 2:08, the guy explained to you how to add the accessory to HomeKit via Matter, you can use SmartThings instead Home App so your device will be added to SmartThings and not HomeKit.

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Yes, you are right, I’ve just managed to add those plugs directly to Smartthing Station Hub, the issue was that I unlink devices from Kasa, and hold the power button for about 3 seconds to reset it and it didn’t work, but I didn’t know there is reset to factory settings (hold around 10 seconds) only after that I managed to add plugs to Smartthings hub via Matter, and It easy was added to Kasa app for Energy Monitoring Dashboards.

Thank you, guys, for your help, as I told you I’m new in this field, and not so well-educated with such protocols and devices (smart-things stuff)

Would be great to add support for energy monitoring, but as I read Matter is still raw and it does not support such data for now in its interface.