Kasa motion sensors and power meter ssitches


I can see that kasa has wall switches that also have integrated motion sensors.

Can I use the motion sensors in smart things for routines?

Also they has plugs that measure power usage. Is the power visible to smart things for routines?


I can’t answer your question about the Kasa motion sensors.

But I will try to answer your question about the Kasa power metering plugs.

If you use the official c2c (cloud to cloud) integration you will NOT get Power Monitoring.

If you have a ST hub you can install an Edge Driver that will give you Power Monitoring. The following is the invitation for the Kasa Driver.


After you install the driver run scan nearby and it should pick up any compatible Kasa devices that you have running on your network.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Lot’s of a cool channels around…

I will try it out.

Is there a good spot to review all the channels to see what one can benifit from? of course there is this forum, but wondering if any website that might have a good summary.

Anyone knows about the motion sensor part?

Thank you.

No summary site that I know of (hopefully someone will post if there is one), but at least you can do a more organized search of custom edge drivers with the Quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. There is a list for each device class, so one for sensors, one for lighting, etc. The lists will direct you back to discussion threads in this forum.