KASA HS110 and SmartThings Hub v2

In the new App it seems Kasa HS110 with energy monitoring is natively supported. I completed it and it did discover the same. I also have the native Kasa app on iPhone and everything is correct. However, under Devices the 2 plugs do not appear. In IDE portal they are coming up but with type = placeholder. I wonder what’s preventing them from displaying on the mobile app, there are just not there. Only possibility I see is perhaps I have the older generation hub which do not have wifi?

I’ve reported this issue to both Kasa and ST but with no success…I think I’ll just give up.
I cannot make the official integration to show Energy Monitoring function…
If you discover something new, please share the info with me!


I don’t believe the official Kasa integration reports the energy monitoring… only allows on/off control .

I saw an older post somewhere on reditt where a guy said that he had energy monitoring capabilities on the new app using the official integration.After a “reinstall” he did not, so something changed…