HS100 not showing on smartthings app

I have installed three tp-link outlets. Two of them are visible on smartthings app, one is not. All are working well on TP-Link Kasa app.

Wonder what is wrong. I have already removed and setup the outlet 3 times and wait over an hour but still nothing has changed.

Any ideas?

No ideas on what is wrong, but make sure that your devices are NOT in local control mode. This will display for the HS100’s on the main page and can be reset in preferences.



I’ve been able to solve the issue just moments ago. I realized that one of the outlets was not sync loc/time, and this was the reason why smartthings app couldn’t identify it.
I need to go back to the Kasa app, click on sync (twice!!!) and only after that, all the outlets became visible in the smartthings app.