June 2021 ST update messed up my auto arm/disarm

Hello all, and thanks in advance for any advice you may have. I’m using ST as a security system, and before the update, was using my wife’s and my iPhones as presence sensors that would auto arm/disarm our system. The way I had It working before was by creating a virtual switch within ST, and using a created rule in SharpTools. All of my other rules are working, and I’ve tried to set up the auto-arm/disarm with ST with no luck. Does anyone know of another possible solution to create an auto arm/disarm geofence type automation? Thanks in advance!

So what exactly has changed for you? Many (most? all?) iOS users will have found they have a new mobile presence device and need to update their automations (wherever they are) to use that.

Hey Graham, Thanks for the reply. Within the ST app, I am able to see both of our phones as presence sensors, but I only see them in the options while creating a new automation. I feel like this hasn’t changed really, as I remember seeing them as presence sensors before within ST. What has changed is that my auto arm and disarm automation no longer works. This was initially created in SharpTools, but after it stopped working, I disabled, and created the automation in Smartthings now that the option is available, but it still doesn’t work. All my other automations in Sharptools, IFTTT, and Smartthings are working perfectly. This problem, along with others, developed upon the release of the update, but the others have resolved.

I have seen people using the community developed Life360 device driver & smartapp as the presence sensor in SmartThings and paired with SharpTools rules for lots of creative automation. You may be interested to check out the video posted by SimplySmart below. ( You will still need the Simulated Switches and ST automation to change the STHM status, but you can use SharpTools rules to toggle the Simulated Switches in whatever logic that fits your automation needs.)

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I’m on Android, so this may or may not help. I had the same issue with my arm/disarm automations working; however, they are working now. Like you, they seemed to have stopped with the latest app update. If you look at the link below, I posted what is working for me. (I use L360 as a backup, but I can see that it is the ST automation that is firing now.)

Had a similar problem but also had to turn the location tracking back on in the app as well.

Thank you all for the suggestions. Sounds like I need to check out L360. I’ve messed around with the SmartThings automation, and thought I had it working for a minute, but now the automation isn’t working because I can’t figure out how to remove the condition of “all phones and tablets in my home” and make the presence detected solely from the phone. This update has been nothing but a headache. Seems to be the nature of things though lol

Thanks again for the help everyone!

I have the identical set-up as you Matt. My setup is explained here using the Virtual Presence Plus device handler. Like you, my sensors were not responding after the June update. I did two things to resolve the issue. I removed and reinstalled the app on all devices being used as presence sensors. Initially this did not work. However, last week there was an updated release of the ST App. When I removed and installed the app on all my devices using this most recent update, my devices are responding again. I only had one incident where I arrived home and the system was slow to register my presence. Other than that it is performing fairly reliably.