June 2019: August Pro Z-Wave commands fail if August app is not in use (previously worked fine)

Just to add a little additional info, I and several others have had the same issue with this lock paired to Hubitat. That leads me to believe that it’s not a platform specific problem and is related to the 1.59.0-1.13.2 firmware.
FWIW, I excluded the lock and did a factory reset. The firmware version is now listed as 1.13.2 (without the 1.59.0 part) and the lock has worked as expected for over a week now. Hopefully, it won’t try to update again until August figures this out.:wink:


Very interesting results - the factory reset is something I hadn’t considered, I didn’t think a commodity consumer product like this would have backup firmware storage. Nice test and thanks for the post!

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I was the first person in the hubitat forums to try and suggest doing the factory reset on the lock. Unfortunately, it worked reliably for about a month and then stopped working again.
The procedure was as follows
Removed the lock pairing to the hub. Did a factory reset on the lock and did a zwave repair.

So far I did this three times, the first two times each lasted about a month, I did this the last time around 10 days ago and it’s still working, so for whatever reason it fixes the lock temporarily ( approx. 30 days).

Does the firmware actually get downgraded with a factory reset and then re-upgrade itself, or is it something totally different? I guess I may as well give it a try. I had previously tested with repeaters, etc, thinking it was a signal problem or faulty devices until coming upon this thread.

My firmware shows 1.13.2 like shoot31 mentioned. I never thought to check it again when it stops working to see if it actually changes but I’d be surprised it if somehow did change as I never open the august app.

Again, this isn’t really a fix but more of a workaround if you’re willing to do it every 3-4 weeks.

Thanks. This is really helpful as at least a temporary workaround. I’ll give it a shot.

By the way, much more helpful than what I’ve received from August in response to my ticket:

A bug ticket will be filed by our Development Team in order to review the issue you are facing. If there is an update or if any additional information is required, we will reach out.

Please report back after you try, I’d be interested to see if it works the same with ST as it does with Hubitat… I’m not sure how/why it works and then reverts back to not working. Is a memory leak possible with firmware??

Just found this thread after trying to troubleshoot the same issue. I’m using Homeseer, and just bought and installed 4 of the gen 3 locks 2 days ago. The August app forced the firmware update before I could connect to my zwave hub (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5). I found that Factory resetting helped, but it is still wonky sometimes. I’ve also found that the status of one of my locks will change from unlocked to locked, while the lock remains unlocked. This is a major security issue, and provides a false sense of safety if activated remotely. Guess I’ll be returning all these locks as I’m inside the return period. Good luck guys!

August team, if you’re reading this, you need to get on this fix ASAP! Let us at least roll back the firmware until you can sort it out. Seems like this is a pretty obvious bug that should’ve been caught in code review and validation before mindlessly blasting all of us with it. You build security devices, start taking it seriously before you get some bad press and market erosion. What a joke…

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I have the exact same issue. I have a smartthings button to control my August smart lock but it will only work if I open the August app first.

Same issues. I can lock the August through SmartThings but I can’t unlock it. Hope this gets addressed through an update soon.

I’ve just done the “Unpair from SmartThings, Factory Reset, Reconnect to SmartThings, Z-Wave Repair” dance with my Back Door.

No joy. Same behavior as before.

The version number did not change (It was 1.59.0-1.13.2 before I started, and is still 1.59.0-1.13.2 after). For a while it showed as “UNKNOWN” but that was only for a few minutes.

Anyway… Was a Good Idea… but did not work.

Same issue here, but I’m using Abode gateway with z-wave instead of smart things with a brand new lock. If I open the app I can lock/unlock both through Abode and August, but after I close the app it stops working.

Just chiming in the report the same issue here on a brand new August lock pro installed a few days ago and updated to firmware 1.59.0-1.13.2 as part of the set up process. Glad I came across this thread as the Z-wave functionality was the main driver for purchasing this lock (“upgraded” from the 2nd gen HomeKit version) to work within my SmartThings ecosystem, along with ActionTiles as my main user interface on a wall mounted tablet and phone.

I was just in the process of scouting for a Z-wave repeater on Amazon as part of a troubleshooting step before stumbling on this thread. I concluded after throughly reading through this thread that it appears to be isolated to a FW bug on the August side (not definitive, but just IMO). I also agree with a previous poster, that August should have caught this bug during code review and testing before deployment.

I’ll be reaching out to August to also report and to further amplify the issue.Thank you all for your input on this. I’ll continue monitoring this thread and hope August provides a bug fix for this ASAP. As it stands currently, the Pro version is no different in core functionality than my previous 2nd Gen HomeKit August lock :frowning:


Factory reset didn’t fix the issue for me, even temporarily. I did push back on August support for better answers and they have sent firmware version 1.59.0-1.8.15 to my lock and asked me to let them know if it resolves the issue for me. Just installed it and will test later tonight and post an update here.

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Will be interesting to hear how the new firmware works.
For another data point, i have 2 of these locks that i have had for over a year and am not having any of these troubles (I am using a custom dth and have both locks connected to ST v2 hub, as well as the August connect and keypad).

While i understand the frustration (you should have seen the original firmware in these things; i think i reported 5 or 6 z-wave bugs myself), and the desire to have manufacturers thoroughly test before release, some issues are just not detectable until they get into the real world.

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I’m also very interested to see what the results here are. Would be great to have this issue put to bed. It’s very disconcerting to have only partial and partially reliable control over the primary means of securing my home.

So far so good. And I was able to easily and consistently reproduce the issue prior after waiting just an hour with the other firmware. I believe the firmware that is pushed to me now was the prior released version before this last update, can anyone confirm that? I’ll let it sit idle overnight and re-test in the am.

Just found this thread as having same issue. CURLing the smartthings api to lock/unlock. Doesn’t work unless I’ve recently used the August app on the lock. :frowning:

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1.59.0-1.8.15 firmware pushed through August support is working without issue for me. I’ve reported that to them, and asking for more information on the development of a fix for future releases. If they share anything useful, I’ll let you all know.


Thanks. I emailed them too and got the same update. It’s been a few hours and things seem to be back to normal. But as they suggest I’m going to keep testing over the next few days and let them know how it’s behaving. I recommend others with this issue ask for an update. It’s pretty painless. They push the update then when you connect to it over BLE it starts the update. Then you reboot your lock and your connect bridge (if you have one).

Judging by their version numbering I do think this is the previous version of their firmware.