August lock disconnecting but connects to Alexa hub

Hi all. I’ve read of previous issues regarding august lock. Mine won’t stay connected to ST but works with the Alexa hub. So I have to leverage a virtual switch in routines. Any thoughts on this and would a different device handler help?

Are you connecting it to ST by z-wave or wifi?

Zwave. I have an august connect as well

It’s a firmware issue, there’s a BETA or previous version which is more stable.

You may want to remove the z.wave connection for it by excluding the device and connect again by selecting August Wi-Fi which uses the August Connect. I use an August Connect on mine and it works well.

Note: take screenshots if any automations that use the August lock because you will need to recreate them.

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You’re connecting to SmartThings through WiFi?

Seems odd that Alexa zwave works. I wouldn’t even know how to downvrade

Seems odd that Alexa zwave works.

Alexa doesn’t have Zwave. That’s a cloud to cloud connection.

yep, I use the august wifi through August Connect. works well. lots of services you can connect to through August Connect → Homekit, ST, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

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I meant zigbee. I have an echos show. But I guess it is just a cloud to cloud connection now that I think about it.

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