June 2019: August Pro Z-Wave commands fail if August app is not in use (previously worked fine)

Don’t forget that August is working on a new integration with ST that does not involve z-wave

I have the old and new integration working.

Does this mean that August is going to abandon fixing their zwave locks?

I was kind of wondering the same. I have more testing to do with the cloud integration when i’m back in town. But if it seems reliable and updates quick enough, i’ll probably abandon the z-wave integration and have August update me to the latest firmware. Having the contact sensor from the cloud integration is a nice addition.

And maybe more accurate battery readout. ZWave integration shows 100%. New integration shows 52%. I am assuming 52% is more accurate

Yes. The zwave battery reports have never been accurate in these. I reported the bug when it first came out and it has still not been addressed.

According to August support, the new integration does abandon z-wave, so it’s probably safe to assume they’re not going to fix the z-wave (or, at least, the fix is “use the cloud to cloud integration, instead”).

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I created an account to comment on this. I don’t personally use SmartThings, but I do have this August Pro lock that I wanted to use with Z-Wave. I experienced the same problem as discussed in this thread, and was able to have August push the alternative firmware to my lock which completely fixed the problem. So it seems that this is still an issue and that contacting August support can potentially help.

Also, I know that August has now switched to using the Bridge for the lock functionality. However, I just want to say that I hope users finding this thread still contact August to raise their concerns about not properly supporting Z-Wave. Having to rely on August’s servers for integration to lock and unlock my front door is NOT something us as consumers should support. Local control is important, and in my opinion, critical for security based products such as door locks.

I also contacted support to have them downgrade me. The only issue I noticed after downgrading is that my DoorSense no longer works. It worked fine with the latest firmware, but after downgrading, DoorSense calibration will no longer go through. I must say that Z-Wave side has been solid ever since downgrading though.

I failed to adequately search and find issues before ordering an August Pro 3rd gen, without a connect.

So of course I immediately had issues after install and found the thread.

I email support about a downgrade and a timetable for correction so I could make a decision on if I needed to return.

The original response was that they would downgrade me and “This is an issue that is currently being worked on, however, no estimated time for the solution is available.”

I requested the downgrade so that I could try it and asked if there are any concerns or functionality loss. The response I got this morning is that they are sending me a connect, free of charge.

It may very well be related to me being within the return window but I wanted to share this experience with the community who has helped me so much.

WOW, that’s quite the revelation.

What that tells me is “we can not or will not fix z-wave. Here, have a connect module. Now go away, we have a lot of z-wave logos to sticker over”

I’m ok with that; I have a module and cloud-cloud integration works better for me than z-wave ever did. I wonder, however, how many out there are like you and are going to have to get the connect module or be left behind.

I too had this problem with my August lock and SmartThings. They also offered me a free connect bridge. We’ll see how well it works.

Okay I wanted to update this thread. I’m using the Ring Alarm System and the August door lock disconnects from the z wave hub seemingly at random. So it is not just an isolated issue with SmartThings. I called and asked for the downgrade after several attempts and them assuring me its only with SmartThings they finally agreed to downgrade me. And sure enough after 2 days no issues. Keep in mind it would disconnect every few hours and definitely by morning. After the downgrade I haven’t had a single issue with z-wave and the August app no longer shows error when trying to open the z-wave settings. Previously the only fix I could get was pulling the battery from the lock then it would reconnect to the Ring Alarm system. So add Ring Alarm system as a known issue as well. Hope it helps someone.

Hi I also request the downgrade and they did it because I already have the WiFi bridge I like to have local integration rather than cloud to cloud. After the downgrade remove and add again to the z wave network the locks are working.

Has anybody else had the issue where their doorsense stopped working after they downgraded their FW to get Zwave working?

Ever since I downgraded 3 months ago, my Zwave connection has been rock-solid, however doorsense has stopped working. When I go into the lock settings to enable doorsense, on Android it doesn’t let me get past the first step of calibration, and on iPhone, it says calibration was successful, but DoorSense still does not get enabled. Anyone else have this problem? Or know how to get around it?

Has anybody been able to get their firmware downgraded recently? Is it still working?

I contacted the customer service but they refused my downgrade request claiming it would not solve the problem.

I switched to the cloud integration.

I have been able to get the firmware downgrade from August for my Z-Wave Lock Pro Gen.3

I did so about a month ago (~15-Jun_2020). I had been sitting on the lack of function since May, but it took me a while to have time to fiddle with the lock. I use the Z-Wave lock via ST without Connect. August was very helpful. I described the loss of function as others have in this thread, August acknowledged the issues and initiated a firmware rollback. They then advised that they would fix the firmware from their end so it would not be updated and break functionality. At first I was not able to see the firmware version. I was on 1.59.0-1.13.2. Now the firmware shows UNDEFINED-1.59.0-1.13.2.

Once the rollback was initiated, my ST functionality returned. No problem locking/unlocking. I also recovered Alexa functionality both via the app and voice. As long as there are no autolock/autounlock routines Alexa voice commands will work.

I am using the August Lock Pro Zwave Lock with Doorsense device handler and have not noticed any problems with battery discharge.

Hope this helps!

Looks like the latest firmware (UNDEFINED-1.59.0-2.0.1, released on 9/25/20) is working fine now.

Thank you for letting me know, I might try to upgrade but for now I am happy how SmartThings and August work together

After seeing the comment in this thread about a new firmware I contacted August. I requested they remove the restriction preventing updates (since I downgraded a while ago). They had no idea what I was talking about, even after I clearly described what was going on. So I just gave up speaking to them and will remain on the old firmware til the lock breaks and then get their latest gen which is smaller anyway.

(I used to have 2 of the 3rd gen pro locks but one of them stopped working when a cheap aluminum gear broke and the company refused to sell me a replacement part or even give me a part #/specs so that I could get another one myself. It’s kinda pathetic that what’s probably a $1 part made a $200+ lock completely useless.)