iDevices adds IFTTT!


iDevices has finally added an IFTTT channel. And it’s two-way. So you can finally integrate iDevices inwall outlet and outdoor pocketsocket with SmartThings. :sunglasses:

These devices are expensive, but have features that some others don’t (like a two socket outdoor pocket-socket, although they turn on and off together, not independently) and also work with HomeKit for those looking for devices that work with both.

The two sockets on the indoor wall receptacle can be controlled independently. :tada:

So I’m happy. :sunglasses:

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Ha! I was about to post

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If anybody has one of their in wall outlets and can confirm that the two outlets are independently controllable through IFTTT, that would be really interesting information.

I know they are independently controllable through HomeKit and through their own app, I just don’t know if it works with IFTTT.

The 2 receptacles on Wall Outlet are controlled independent of one another.

I wish their outdoor switch had individual control of the two outlets.

Hi there, we can confirm that each receptacle of the Wall Outlet can be controlled individually via IFTTT.

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Hi there, appreciate for the feedback - definitely a request we hear often and something we’re exploring! Thanks again.


Awesome, thanks! :heart_eyes:

(and welcome to the forum! Several device manufacturers have staff representatives here, it always helps to get accurate information. :sunglasses: )

Thanks, happy to be here and field any questions!

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I wonder if @iDevicesOfficial is still around. I inquired today with iDevices support if separate control was on the horizon for Homekit and got a response that a hardware change woud be required and no hardware changes were in the works. Just seems odd that IFTTT allows separate control of the two outlets but Homekit requires a change in hardware design.

Also, I wish there was the option to select Outlet as type in Homekit in addition to the current selectable types of Fan, Light or switch.


Support says IFTTT can not control the iDevice Outdoor Switch plugs separately

Hi all, sorry about the confusion! The Wall Outlet has two receptacles that be controlled independently via voice, manual control, app control, or IFTTT. The Outdoor Switch has two receptacles, but due to hardware limitations when that product was developed (prior to the Wall Outlet), they can’t be controlled individually by any means. There is exploration on an Outdoor Switch V2 with that functionality, but it’s still in the early stages of investigation.

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