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Import and enjoy our “Old Glory” red, white and blues theme:

"accent-tile-background-color": "white",
"accent-tile-content-color": "red",
"accent-tile-footer-color": "#3675C4",
"accent-tile-header-color": "navy",
"info-tile-background-color": "#25399A",
"info-tile-content-color": "skyblue",
"info-tile-footer-color": "white",
"info-tile-header-color": "white",
"normal-tile-background-color": "#021B44",
"normal-tile-content-color": "#20F3FF",
"normal-tile-footer-color": "white",
"normal-tile-header-color": "white",
"panel-background-color": "#657FAD",
"tileset-header-color": "navy",
"warn-tile-background-color": "#C3090A",
"warn-tile-content-color": "#E9E9E9",
"warn-tile-footer-color": "white",
"warn-tile-header-color": "white"

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