Joining another Z-Wave network

I’m having problems getting my ST Hub to join another Z-Wave network. I get a message that states it joined the other network but I don;t see the other hub’s Z-Wave devices. Maybe I’m not going to see the other hubs devices but I thought I would.

Thanks for the help

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I’m also having problems joining another Z-Wave network. I noticed that the Android mobile app doesn’t even have the “Join/leave another Z-Wave network” option, which is suspicious.

When I use the web app to select this option nothing happens when I try to add the hub as a secondary controller to my primary controller. I know that the hub Z-Wave functionality is working because I can add a new Z-Wave dimmer and control the lamp with the mobile app.

It seems like Smart Things isn’t supporting the hub as a secondary controller. I’ve opened a support ticket about this issue.

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