I really like the idea of a Foursquare checkin with a hashtag unlocking the door, though I’m not so sure about security.

Anyone have good ideas for how to use IFTTT with your ST setup?

Cool! I just played with it briefly so far, but manage to setup a easy turn on this switch if that switch turns on. Obviously using IFTTT to do this is silly… much more efficient to do this within SmartThings. But it does provide a graphical interface for setting up some functions is someone is really turned off my the smart app process. (Now, reliability and timeliness will be a big question mark here… in my three tests my second light turned on 15 seconds later, 45 seconds later, and never.)

Some ideas:

If your crush sends you an email to your gmail account, turn on your siren so you know to go read it right away!

If there is motion detected when you’re on vacation, send an email to your neighbor asking him to look into it.

Pretty cool! Glad to see this type of integration coming together. I noticed the IFTTT app is no longer in the Connections section, will it come back? I wanted to use (or at least hoped to) IFTTT in specific modes instead of all or nothing as it is now.

The SmartApp will install itself when you go through the setup process. You can edit the modes and update like a normal SmartApp :slight_smile:

How do I unauthorize IFTTT from SmartThings later?

@Urman – I think I see what you mean waaaaaaaaaay down in my installed applications list :slight_smile:


On IFTTT.com, click on the Channels link at the top, then select SmartThings.

Log into the SmartThings screen. Select your hub from the drop down list, then click DENY at the bottom of the page.


Is anyone else having difficulty signing in to IFTTT Smartthings Channel?

Working fine for me @raybuchanan

Two things to add:

First: Check out my thread here: http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/use-pebble-android-to-control-smartthings-in-a-round-about-way/ to find out how to use IFTTT, Tasker, and your Pebble Watch to send commands to lights from your watch.

Second: What would be really cool is for the ability for IFTTT to start an SmartApp rather than just control a device. This would open things up to a LOT of possible uses.

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@chrisb. Thanks Working now. It was a password issue.

@Andrew Urman

You wrote:

>> The SmartApp will install itself when you go through the setup process.

I assume you were referring to the IFTTT SmartApp - if so, which “setup process” do you mean?

I already have several SmartApps installed.


@bstern when you add SmartThings as a channel on IFTTT there is a setup process where you select your devices. When that is done, the IFTTT SmartApp installs on your account.

Thanks @Andrew Urman. In my case I tried to re-authorize the SmartThings channel, and that also did the trick.

Any recipe ideas for auto locking a front door after a set time frame of inactivity?

Reviving the old thread. I’m trying IFTTT integration but it’s quite limited, and it seems after a full year no new feature has been added to smartthings’ IFTTT channel. SmartApp connection would be great, but even a simple ‘toggle’ trigger (beside on/off) would be helpful.