Ivory Outlet with Bottom Receptacle Controlled

So I bought the Leviton outlet since it comes with an ivory faceplate in hopes to control my air conditioner, but since they have the top receptacle controlled if I use that one the bulky plug will block the the bottom receptacle. Does anyone know of another outlet to use or a workaround?

There’s three things I can think of off the bat:

  1. New outlet with bottom controlled
  2. Keep outlet and put another small smart plug on the bottom plug.
  3. If you feel confortable you can rewire your air conditioner plug with a smaller plug that won’t block the bottom.

I hope this helps.

Or just get an outlet extender similar to this.


12 inch white extension cord might work. Just check the specs to make sure it can handle the amperage of your air conditioner. Pay a little more and get one of better quality. Audiovisual stores will have these in white and black, or you can find them online. Even the very best one should cost less than $9 for one.



Match the color to the air-conditioner cord, not the outlet.

updated to add I crossposted with @Navat604 , but since my links were to white ones, I’m going to leave them up. Same idea, obviously. :sunglasses:


Talking about Outlet options:

The following GoControl and Enerwave outlets are rated at 15 Amp and the bottom receptacle is Z-Wave controlled:

The following Enerwave outlet is rated at 20 Amp: