Iris smart plug question

I’m about to buy an iris smart plug to plug into one of my outlets. Does anybody know if this will block the outlet below? Is it big enough to render the bottom outlet useless or wilI I still be able to use both sockets in my outlet.


You can still use the outlet above if you put in the one below.

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Thank you.

To clarify:

Placing it in the the top plug it will block the bottom

Placing it in the bottom plug, the top outlet is fully usable.

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Thank you. Right now, I have all the WeMo branded ones. I want to get some Iris ones because they act as repeaters. I find myself needing more of these smart plugs around the holidays. For my Christmas lights and outdoor lights.

During the non-holiday season, I usually use them to turn my phone chargers on and off. Also, my wife does not use a dryer for any of her clothes. She believes it shortens the life of her clothes. She hangs them on drying racks in the spare bedroom. I have two box fans on a smart plug that run for six hours and then shut off. To speed the drying time. And prevent a musty bedroom.

With the cost of those individual plugs, and since it seems like they are grouped together (at least the box fans are, and maybe the phones together, too), you could also look at some of the smart power strips so you can plug in multiple devices and control each outlet individually.

Zooz makes one for $59 that is supported by the community here.