I've Lost Control?

I just started playing with changing modes with the Sunset/Sunrise app yesterday. Until now I have only used one mode for all my smartapps. But I decided instead of building the Sunset/Sunrise code into my apps it would be easier to just switch modes.
So I have a basic question. If you have apps that are installed to run in ALL modes will those execute with each mode change? I have the Big Turn On setup to turn all my lights on as a panic button (All modes). And I have The Big Turn off, also. So when i change modes all my lights go on/off in some crazy random pattern.

Sometimes when I install an app on Android and choose ALL modes it will revert to each mode being selected individually instead of the ALL modes button? I don’t see this until I go back into the app to look. And then I see all modes being selected individually instead of the ALL modes selection? Is this a bug in the Android app? Would this cause it to execute with each mode change?

My only other explanation for the loss of control is leaving apps installed in the IDE. If I accidentally leave the IDE with an app installed when does it uninstall? How can I tell if something is installed and active on the IDE?


OK…after a little more trial & error I understand my problem. The Big Turn On/off apps need their own modes. If they are associated with any other mode they will execute (install) when the mode is selected. Cool apps but this should be explained in the App Description.

I discovered how to see if I left anything installed in the IDE by looking at the Logs section of the IDE. If you leave an app installed in the IDE and accidentally close the browser…when does it uninstall?


Yes, I had nightmare experiences with multiple modes as well. The problem seems to be that some smart apps that are left with the "All Modes"selection literally execute in ALL MODES. To remedy in my house, I pared my modes down to just 3: Day, Night, and Manual. Anything I want to go off only at Night, gets set to that. Anything I want to happen in the Day, gets set to that. And anything I want to just sit and nothing until I tell it, gets set to Manual.

The problem now is that the recent update seems to have broken the Sunrise/Sunset smart app, so modes are no longer being set correctly. Creating a separate thread for this and some other problems occurring since the update.