It looks like the smartest house has another sale going on, but

Is anyone else having issues ordering from them? My orders all get canceled automatically and I’ve left emails, massage and phone calls and none are returned. Have I been blacklisted? To my knowledge, I’ve paid all of my bills, so I’m not sure why they don’t get back to me…

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Possibly shipping to a location that isn’t supported?

If it were that easy then I would think they would not accept my order and tell me that when I asked them. As an FYI, I’ve ordered from them several times and had no issues getting the packages.

Have you tried another method of payment? When I owned an e-commerce site, there was additional security I had set on the credit card authorization gateway that would unfortunately allow the authorization to go through but then immediately void it because of the additional security setting. I ended up disabling the setting because it caused more issues than it was worth.

Yeah, I thought of that too. I tried two different credit cards and both had the same outcome. I did not try PayPal, etc though.

It could be some mismatch in validating the billing address. I can’t recall the exact issues I sometimes encountered, but it was things like the billing address may have included an apartment number that wasn’t documented properly at the bank or some other mix up. You may want to try PayPal since it may use a different validation technique.

So, I finally tried and got a response from the Smartest House. It does appear that I’ve been backlisted, for reasons unbeknownst to me. This is the official response:

It looks like your previous orders were flagged by our system as fraudulent and were automatically cancelled. We use a third party provider to analyze order information for fraud activity, including a database with contributions from other resellers and major marketplaces.

*Here are some possible reasons for it: *
• The system detected suspicious activity associated with this order that could include a masked IP address or incorrect billing information.
• The system detected a shipping or billing address on a fraud list where fraudulent packages had been shipped to in the past.
• The system detected an unsafe shipping address with multiple stolen or lost items reported in that location. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship packages to unsafe locations.
*• Your account has been suspended and we can no longer fulfill orders associated with the account. An account can be suspended for one of the following reasons: *
o You did not return an item as part of the advanced replacement process or otherwise abused our return policy on The Smartest House website;
o Returned items had been excessively damaged;
o A chargeback has been opened from the account;
o We received abusive or blackmailing communication from the account;
o Any type of scamming activity from the account has been recorded.
Unfortunately, we are unable to reverse automatic cancellations to restore cancelled orders manually.

If your account was suspended, our customer service team will not be able to restore it.

In case anyone is wondering, I have 850 credit, pay all my bills, and have ordered online with multiple other online vendors with no issues. Luckily, it appears that Zooz sells some of their product on Amazon, so I’ll be paying the Amazon premium to get the products.

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oh WOW thats pretty shitty. more and more companies are using 3rd party vendors to help prevent fraud. so, somewhere along the lines one of those vendors that TSH uses must have you blacklisted for something. while it would be good to find out what so if its an error you can clear it up. though its very doubtful that they would tell you what vendor. you could try to hire a financial detective, but that costs money and they might not even be able to find out why. so, if its just that one little company its no big loss.

yeah- I realized that Amazon uses the TSH too, so I’m curious if that channel will work. TSH has much better prices than Amazon, so I’ll probably search elsewhere for other things except where Zooz is the only provider of a given product. In theory Matter will help this, but so far Matter seems very limited…