ISY944 for Smart Energy Meter Monitoring

I have an ISY944 used to monitor my Smart Meter via Zigbee. (SmartThings cannot natively connect to Smart Meters). I am attempting to write a device handler to import data from the ISY REST interface every few seconds. I have had no luck getting callbacks to work. I expect after sendHubCommand I will see the script drop into calledBackHandler but it never does. I’d welcome any advice as to what I am doing wrong?

def energyRefresh() {  
  log.debug "Executing 'energyRefresh'"
  log.debug "END of 'energyRefresh'"

def getEnergy(String calledBackHandler) {
    log.debug "Entered getEnergy()..."
    sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction([
		method: "GET",
 		path: "/rest/emeter/metering/",
		headers: [HOST: "$settings.userName:$settings.password@$settings.uri:80"]], 
        getNetworkId("$settings.uri","80"), [callback: calledBackHandler]))

void calledBackHandler(physicalgraph.device.HubResponse hubResponse) {
    log.debug "Entered calledBackHandler()..."
    def msg = parseLanMessage(description)
	def headersAsString = hubResponse.header // => headers as a string
	def headerMap = hubResponse.headers      // => headers as a Map
	def body = hubResponse.body              // => request body as a string
	def status = hubResponse.status          // => http status code of the response
	def json = hubResponse.json              // => any JSON included in response body, as a data structure of lists and maps
	def xml = hubResponse.xml                // => any XML included in response body, as a document tree structure
 	def data =              // => either JSON or XML in response body (whichever is specified by content-type header in response)
	log.debug "Status code: [${status}]"
    log.debug "Body: [${xml}]"

Bump. Hoping anyone has insights where to start?

The message should be processed from the
def parse() {