LELLKI Smart ZigBee Metering Plug WK36

I bought the ZigBee Metering Plug from LELLKI. On the manufacturer’s shop page they state that it measures electricity consumption, there is even a screenshot of the Smartthings app.
€ 13,84 42%de DESCUENTO | LELLKI-enchufe inteligente Tuya Smart Life, toma de corriente con temporizador, Monitor de potencia con asistente de Google, Zigbee2MQTT, Alexa, 16A, 100-240V

Meanwhile, after pairing with the hub, I have no energy meter option. Am I doing something wrong that I don’t have this option? Or is the manufacturer misleading by writing untruths?
Hub Smartthings Ver 2, software version 43.00004

What device type is it using when you check the IDE? If it’s “placeholder”, then it’s using an Edge driver. If not, you can try the DTH called “SmartPower Outlet”.

No, there is no edge driver - see the screenshots. Although there is a placeholder, it does not use a local driver.
I wrote to the shop, they advised me to change the DTH to “ZigBee Metering Plug”, but then although the measurement option showed up, it still didn’t measure anything. In addition, it stopped working from the app - I couldn’t turn it on or off.

So if you first paired it and it had Placeholder listed as Type in IDE then it is using an Edge Driver. You can’t change it from an Edge Driver at that point to a groovy Device Handler in IDE.

Are you sure this is EDGE? I have some of the devices in local, but they have a “driver” option in the menu in the top right corner.

EDIT: Nope, sorry. It’s not a “placeholder”, but “ZigBee Switch”:

Try using the DTH called “Zigbee Switch Power”?

Hi @norberto_bcn,
As say @johnconstantelo, with DTH Zigbee switch Power must works fine.

If you can try with a edge drive, I added your model TS011F to this version of driver. There are many similar to this model working fine with this driver

For pair with edge drive you need delete device from app
Install the driver in your hub from my shared channel here

Add new device with search nerby option

│ Name        │ Zigbee Switch Power Mc               │
│ Version     │ 2022-06-27T20:38:47.944975656        │
  - id: "_TZ3000_ps3dmato/TS011F"
    deviceLabel: TS011F Plug
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_ps3dmato
    model: TS011F
    deviceProfileName: switch-power-energy-plug

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo! And thanks for the driver.

It is working locally now, I can switch it on & off, but unfortunately the energy monitor is not working… :frowning:
I plugged in the hairdryer to get a quick high reading, but it’s been running for a few minutes and… nothing. It doesn’t refresh the data.
On top of that I still have some 4 kWh reading that I have no idea where it came from.

It may be a case like a TS011F switch that I bought from AliExpress. It also happened to other users too.
It has the necessary clusters 0702 y 0B04 to report power and energy, but it must have bad firmware and it doesn’t support the necessary attributes.
To see if it is the same case I would need to see the pairing logs with the CLI.

You can try to reboot the hub from the IDE, but I don’t have much hope.

If you have already tried with the DTH zigbee switch power and it does not report power and energy either, then it is a device that does not work well

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Try with see power in my.smartthings.com

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I can’t see this option in my.smartthings.com. Is it a part of Smartthings Energy? Is it already working in Spain?

it is the smartthing web view, it works in Spain, but quite a few things don’t work.

It is that I saw in your screenshot that the power value is at 0 without units W, however in my.smartthings.com the units appear


Sorry, try with this driver version. I think it has a problem with the device configuration

│ Name        │ Zigbee Switch Power Mc               │
│ Version     │ 2022-06-27T21:59:00.539047354        │
  • Unistall device with app
  • Delete installed driver zigbee Switch power Mc from your Hub
  • Fron the channel install new vwesion zigbee Switch Power Mc
  • Install device agains
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Nope… This time I have this:

EDIT: Hub rebooted after pairing.

wow strange!

Did you clear the cache of the app?


I needed to see the logs of the pairing with the CLI to analyze what is happening.

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Where to find them? In tools of the hub?

No. I did not.

After update It’s finally working! A big thank you to @Mariano_Colmenarejo, you are great! I owe you a beer or wine. Let me know if you visit Barcelona.

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They fixed something in the app so that the power and the W units would work again.
It was very strange that it reported total energy and did not show instant power

Eso está hecho! :+1:

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