Issues with moving hub

One quick ?
If I move my ST Hub to a more central location in my home, will it cause problem with the mesh networks? I previously moved it a few feet and nothing worked till I moved it back.

When you move it, make sure it is off power (including removing any batteries) for at least 15 minutes. Then when you plug it back in, using the devices will automatically reform the mesh.

Separately, after you move it, run a Z wave repair utility And that will cause the Z wave devices to update their mesh.

All of this can take a little while, so it may not be completely done until the next day. But at that point you should have an efficient network again.

The one thing that can go wrong is if your hub was the only available repeater for either protocol when it was in its old position And if you have moved it far enough away that its old “children” can no longer reach it and consequently have no repeater to get messages to the hub, then that could be a problem. You should be able to solve it just by adding an additional repeater device in the old location, just a pocketsocket is good enough. Again, you need to get the mesh updated as described above after you put the new device into position, Or the old devices won’t know that they can use it.

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