Moving the hub to a different room in the house

(Eric V) #1

Right now my hub is on the edge of a room, downstairs. It’s worked decent because I expanded my network of devices out from it. However, I now have a few edge devices that seem to get lost regularly, most likely because they are too far away. Planning on moving the hub to a more central location in the house.

When I do that, will a simple Zwave repair fix things? Or is there more than I need to do?

I’d prefer not to remove and re-add 22 switches and other assorted devices.

(Keith Croshaw) #2

That should be it, assuming everything is range…


Leave it unplugged for 15 minutes when you first move it, that will cause the Zigbee network to heal itself when the power comes back on.

Then after you power it on, do the zwave repair. :sunglasses:

(Eric V) #4

All the switches will either be in range of the hub or in range of a switch that is in direct contact with the hub… but they will not all be in direct contact with the hub.

(Eric V) #5

Good to know. Thanks!

(Keith Croshaw) #6

The switches should be repeaters so it’s fine, it should make a mesh path.

(Kyle ) #7

On a similiar subject guys, ive twice tried to run a zwave repair when ive felt stuff has been abit buggy . . . It says it may take ten minutes to complete (fair) but both times ive run it ive ended up stopping it as its taken to long (asin over an hour of the icon just spinning - presumably fixing stuff) is that right or have i got an issue here - should it tell me when the fix is complete as ive never got past the spinning/fixing icon :slight_smile:

(Keith Croshaw) #8

Yea I had a major problem running it a month ago or so. So best of luck getting it to work. Support got it to work so if yours fails give them a shout!

(Bruce) #9

Try it from the IDE instead of the mobile app, so you can see what’s going on. It’s under My Hubs / View Utilities. On that page you click on Repair Z-Wave network, and then click on the link that comes up. On that page, clear the Name Filter, and you’ll see all of the hub events, including ping and any z-wave repair messages. You will probably miss the event of the z-wave network repair starting, but there is an event when it completes.

Another way to watch it is with Live Logging in the IDE. You can always check what happened later by looking at List Events on the Hub page.