How to add devices already integrated with Google Home App to Samsung SmartThings?

I am trying to find a way to conveniently add my devices already integrated with the Google Assistant with the Google Home app into my Samsung SmartThings app. I am unsure of the process, and I would rather not delink things from my Google Assistant to add them to the SmartThings side. I have added my SmarThings account to my Google Assistant established accounts, however, I am unable to see my 1 device added in SmartThings on the Google Assistant app, nor the several devices I have added through the Google Assistant in my SmartThings app. Is there a guide for what I would need to do?

the google assistant integration with SmartThings is “one way”. GA gets devices from ST, but ST does not get them from GA.


what are the devices that you have connected to GA? just asking, in case there is a integration in ST for them.

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Is there any advantage to linking things through ST rather than GA?

I have some Phillips Hue lights with a hub as well as some Smart Plugs using the Smart Life App

Controlling everything in one place, for starters…

You don’t have to unlink anything. You add them to Smartthings. Done.

Now this will also make them show up a SECOND time in GH as duplicates. It’s a known issue that is WELL discussed in other threads so I’ll spare you the discussion here. As a workaround: create a second ‘home’ for the purposes of storing the duplicate devices brought in from SmartThings and park them there so you won’t have to see them in GH. There’s already a design change request in to the Smartthings dev team related to filtering out what devices are displayed in GH.