FortrezZ Siren ssa2 help

have the rest of my ST set up fine after a lot of reading on here so ordered a FortrezZ Siren ssa2
all connected fine but when ever i trigger the alarm the siren only sounds for 3/4 seconds and the strobe flashes for about 20 more and thats it i set the siren to sound for 5 mins
i have gone over all the seeings and also removed and re added the ssa2 but its the same short siren

please tell me this is wrong and the siren should sound for as long i i input

any help will be great

cheers Baz

i wonder if there is an issue with the power its getting. i know the wire can sometimes cause that issue for me. after the strobe turns off…can you turn it on immediately?

it wont sound if i try right after but if i press and hold the button underneath it will sound for as long as oi hold it
i have put a return request in via amazon so just waiting on that i ordered the Aeon Labs gen5 i have a feeling its not going to be as loud tho

i also looked online for a socket powered siren was thinking i could hook that up to a smartplug and get it to turn on when triggered but didnt have much luck finding 1