Confused by Smartthings notification regarding device functionality

I am new to the Community. I am not that technical. I have a SmartThings Hub Ver. 3. I use it to control Enbrighten Z-Wave switches, Automations with a Ring Pro Doorbell, and a Smartthings light bulb, Automations of alerts with Smartthings and Centralite Water and Humidity Sensors. Will these continue to function after the platform update on September 30th? Thank you!!

How did you create the rules to control those devices? Did you just use routines in the smartthings app? Or did you use some other method?

Also, did you use any custom code for the devices themselves or just standard out of the box adding to your account?

I just used what is available in the Smartthings app. I used the Automations to create routines to turn lights on and off. I also created routines for notifications when water leak detectors detect water or battery is low.

Sounds like you should be fine, then, if everything goes according to plan. Of course, sometimes there are glitches, you never know for sure. But as it stands, the ST plan is to automatically transition your devices to the new architecture. And hopefully your rules won’t need to change.

One last question: you didn’t buy any of the devices used, did you? Everything is pretty new, manufactured in the last 3 years or so? (ST is not going to automatically transition devices which have been discontinued by their manufacturer, even if they are working fine now.) :thinking:

Thanks for your replies!! Everything was purchased new. Hopefully, all goes as planned! Thanks again!