Issues with Aeotec Nano Switches

I have three Aeotec nano switches running my exterior lights. They typically work flawlessly and trigger at certain times to turn on or off. Currently automations aren’t working nor can I manually switch them on/off in the app. I can use the wall switch hooked up to them to turn the lights on manually. They’ve been working using generic ‘Z-Wave Switch’ driver from SmartThings. Yesterday (11/09) morning automations worked to turn them off. [45mins before sunrise, turn on lights. Turn off after 1 hour]
I don’t recall what version the driver was on yesterday when I noticed it wasn’t working but looking at the version now, it’s 2022-11-09T21:40:55.587092767

Any thoughts or anyone else experiencing issues?

I also have 2 Aeotec nano dimmers that are functioning normally, but they’re using a different Aeotec driver.

Sounds like it could be a recent known issue with a switch Edge driver. Check this thread and see if it applies.

Thanks for the suggestion, but this thread doesn’t necessarily sound like my issue, however, there isn’t much to go off of within the thread. The users having issues seem to be on DTH and not Edge drivers. The devices I’m having issues with aren’t showing offline, they just don’t respond in the app.

Sorry - wrong thread, similar title. This is the one I meant to link.


Ahh…much better! Thanks for the new thread. Switched drivers to Mariano’s Z-Wave Switch Mc and it’s working as it should!

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