Issues - Repair failing, devices not working, one lock randomly stopped functioning

Yeah, I’m still having the same issues

Yeah, I’m having issues. Seems things keep dropping of my list. A good number of devices showing as offline, Zwave repair shows “failure” for any number of devices. My hub was warm/hot, batteries warm too and leaking. Replaced them a while ago, again today. I’ve even powered off the circuits of some of the problem devices to reset them, no luck. A lot of them are GE…

Same issues here. Contacted support and received similar >40 z-wave devices response. Mostly GE. Something us up.

Could be coincidental… but I turned off health check as was suggested in other threads in the same vein, and it seemed to stabilize things a bit… as always YMMV.

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I contacted support and they told me to remove all the offending devices and to start adding them back in starting with the nearest to the hub. I tried tat with one item and it was a major pain, system could not remove it, had to force removal. No thanks on doing that on half a dozen things. Funny thing, shortly after that things started popping back in as they should. Also got a message that North American customer were having issues. Not sure it was related but all but one of the offending devices are back working.

Now I have to reinsert the switch I removed forcibly back into all the routines that used it. That is a pain…

I agree this makes no sense at all. I have struggled with this exact issue multiple times and what I believe is that when you have many devices and the mesh network is in bad shape, there are too things to repair and the process messes things up more.
In reality, I think that more devices in a healthy network keeps getting stronger. Or that’s what I’ve read!
I spend a very long weekend a few months ago and have improved reliability of network. Not necessarily individual devices.

Devices that can be added with and without security like Locks and Aeon Motion are problematic unless they are properly added. Sometimes you have to do it many times, sometimes you just throw it out the window and buy a new one, but they have to be added correctly. GE switches can be very temperamental and yes I did sacrifice 1 of them to the sledge hammer in garage.

This said, your best friend is a 100’ CAT6 cable, so you can move your hub close to things like locks and motion and actually anything that’s not playing nice.

I’ve fixed problems by moving the hub physically closer to the center of the mesh, completely a repair and then move the hub back to it’s home which in my house is at one end. That way I think it can find the nodes in fewer steps and therefore being able to repair itself.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the technical knowledge to prove any of this but it seems to make sense.

After the mesh is fix or created, you can then move the hub because the mesh table that defines the interconnections between the nodes is defined and the hub just needs to find the local connection into it. Sounds good!

This is my number one issue with SmartThings, that and motion sensors that flake out.

I would buy one of the new z-wave testers that the Z-Wave alliance now sells but it’s $$ and I haven’t really seen what it does.

If this issue went away, I might be more willing to be creative like a number of folks using WebCore, but I’m happy when my wife pushes a button to turn off all the lights and they all turn off.

To me this is the number one issue that has to be resolved before home automation is really ready for prime time.

I keep losing random devices too. My pain threshold is pretty high, but it is super frustrating. Now I have a garage door I can’t get to report correctly, a lock, one dimmer switch and a couple contact sensors that miss events. Pity that ST is still so far behind on stability.