Issues pairing xfinity XHS2-UE Door / Window Sensor with ST

I read a few articles on these forums and it seemed like I would be able to buy the xFinity XHS2-UE sensors off of eBay, reset them, and then connect them up to ST. But, I can’t seem to get ST to pickup the devices. Hoping someone can help?

Important Info:

Steps to reset:

  • Removed Cover + Took Out Battery
  • Waited at least 5 seconds after the step above, then held down the switch for 3+ seconds and popped the battery back in
  • While the green light is still on (first 4 seconds after putting battery back in), I let go of the switch
  • Go to ST and attempt to scan for device, but it never finds it (this is where I’m stuck)
  • I also tried to go the z-wave generic route, but again it doesn’t find it.

the one that works is model number xhs2-se. i vaguely remember something to the effect that you have to let it pair was a thing and then change the device type.

I saw that the UE was basically interchangeable. What do you mean pair as a ‘thing’? (when I scan nothing is found at all - I had expected to see ‘thing’ then go through the steps of changing it to the tyco device etc.)

when a device pairs as a thing it means that there is no device handler assigned to its finger prints (identity) and you have to go into the IDE and assign a device handler

Thanks - I can’t even get ST to find a device / thing when scanning for the sensor even though its clearly in pairing mode (green light flashes repeadtely for about a minute)

not sure the -ue model will pair. try pairing under st door/window and some others.

Sometimes a device won’t show up as being found, but will actually show in the No Room Assigned category.

Pretty sure the UE works, as I recall some previous discussions on the about UE vs SE, and the main difference was one had a larger battery.

Thank you! This was it…

So for anyone else trying to get these to work you need fo navigate to ‘not assigned’ room and then do the factory reset steps AND try to scan for a device (it won’t find one… but once you try and cancel out of it you’ll magically find ‘thing’ listed in the ‘not assigned’ room). Then you can login via the ST webpage to rename it plus change it to ‘tyco door/window sensor’.

Setup ~20 today and they all work great.