Previously paired devices now not pairing

To start off, my “Things” are generally a collection of things at least 3 years old, so I realize some of my issues are just the age of the products. However, at some point, all these devices have worked with my SmartThings Hub.
Now recently I noticed in my app a few devices were listed as offline, when I went to pair them SmartThings app told me there wasn’t a hub - Now here’s where I admit, I probably went wrong - I decided to just delete my location and start from scratch (I only have a dozen or so devices, and a couple automation) I have re-paired 2 open/close senors, 4 outlets and my doorbell.

However, my thermostat (GC-TBZ48) and Deadbolt (Yale YRD216) aren’t seen when I try to pair them. The lock and thermostat both signal that they have paired (and I can general exclude them from the smartthings app) but the device never shows up.

So i have paired and excluded them multiple times, I have unplugged/rebooted the smartthings hub, I have installed rboyapp devicehandlers… nothing seems to remedy my situation.

Anyone have a suggestion for something I haven’t tried?

You may want to try opening the device handlers in IDE and publish for me again. There is a known issue where device handlers become stale preventing users from adding the devices to ST.

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I’ve seen this happen consistently for some “older” FliRS battery operated devices and reported it to ST, the engineers took a look at it. Long story short, the problem is that pairing doesn’t complete which leads to a situation where while the device pairs with the hub, the information doesn’t reach the cloud and hence the devices don’t show up. The only solution for this right now is to exclude your devices, bring them within 5ft of the hub and then pair them, that ensures a strong signal and the all the information needed by the platform is transferred to the hub during the pairing process and will then create the device in the cloud.

Oh yeah, also see this topic, it’s more rare these days but to cover your bases:

No luck unfortunately. Moved the hub within 2 feet of the devices, hit update on the device handlers, repaired the zwave network - no change, still get same results - devices signal connected but nothing on SmartThing’s end.

Repeated the process with both Classic app and the new app.


re-publish all of your device handlers

i recently had a couple of zwave devices that acted like they paired, but never showed up as a thing. when i was re-publishing all the device handlers one of the other device handlers threw a server 500 error, but let me re-publish it. then those zwave devices paired and showed up as a thing.

also, doesnt hurt to reboot (from the IDE) your hub.

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